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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Casual Friday with Nike Victoria NM

Good Evening my fabulous ladies!!!!
Tonight I just want to share with you my casual outfit that I wore last Friday at work. Fridays are normally our casual days at work: so BOOM ..... I was a Nikey girl :)
The sweater is a thrift treasure and I just recently invested on my colourful Nike Victoria NM. I think this is a great mix ... what do you think??? What is your ideal casual wear for work???
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Enjoy :)

Skirt and Stlkings: Asos, Nike Sweater: Thrifted, Fur Vest: Fashion World: Shoes: Sports Scene, Bag and Watch: Guess, Sunglasses: Dior - Sunglass Hut, Bangles: Pep & Mr Price

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Thank you.
Thulie :)


  1. Thulie, this outfit is so fierce! Get 'em girl!

  2. LOVE your outfit! you look amazing!

  3. Awesome sporty look! Love your Nike Jersey and shades... Ooooh, them shades!

    1. Hey, Noms! Its gud to hear from you - its been a while: hope everything is alright. Oh!!! My sunnies - got them last year at Sunglass Hut - I also love love them and the sweater is a pure thrift find. Am sure you have been thriftin recently whats current find?? Cheers, Noms!!!

  4. Stellar look! I love the juxtaposition between the casual things and the sort of luxe fur vest, it's fantastic! :)

  5. I looked forward to getting this for myself. I also want to find good sheepskin jackets for my husband, he is such an addict to these, it seems that has what I want.

  6. I'm dying over this outfit! I swear I'll mimic a look like this. I'll send you a link when I do. I love your blog. And as someone who has started a journey on helping and styling ladies like me the "plumps", "curvy's" etc. You are becoming an inspiration and I have referred almost all my clients to check out your blog. I love you sisi. and