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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Curves Around The World: WEEK2 - LACE

 Good morning my fabulous Ladies!
Its that time of the week again ... hope you are all excited about this weeks theme "LACE"
I took my pictures during weekend and has been a torture not to post them right away and wait for today. I did not do anything spectacular the past weekend. Just stayed home with my cousins and friends. So on Saturday, because I did not go anywhere and have planned prior to have my little photo-shoot, I kinda focussed on that for the afternoon. 
Because I have very few lace items I had planned to either take pics with my red lace dress or my pink lace top. I took pictures with my red dress combined with gold accessories but did not like my pictures as they all looked boring. I guess I was unhappy because last week when we were doing the animal print theme I wore a red dress. So I decided to take pictures with my pink lace top instead.
Normally, I wear this top with high wasted skirts which are flared with heels or flats when I go to work. So, because I had plenty of time for this shoot I decided to just mix and match and go crazy with this outfit, lol and it worked for my taste ofcoz.
I'm wearing a lot of tribal prints this winter because theres plenty of them sold around either thrift or normal stores. So that's why I chose my skirt and it also has pink tint on it. So it made sense to go with it instead of other skirts in my wardrobe. 
I also decided not to wear opaque tights for this outfit I just wanted to try out wearing socks with heels because ever since that trend has been around I have never given myself a chance to try it out as I used to consider it as something to be seen on magazines than on our streets.
I have a friend who has been rocking this heel-socks concept and her outfits are always smashing with them. Please check her out here to get the feel of what I am talking about. Miss B: yes I said it, that you are ofcoz my inspiration for this post!!!
Dig in folks and I hope you enjoy looking at my lace pictures because I really had a lot of fun taking them for you :)
What is your favourite lace outfit in your closet???


Top: Exact, Skirt and Earings: MrPrice, Cardigan: Pick'nPay, Shoes: Ackermans, Socks: Woolworths, Purse: Guess, Watch: Topshop, Bangles and Necklace: Fashion World

I may look like I can play but I cant - would love to though!!! That's my sisters weapon "QUE"

You all know that I am not doing this series alone .... so please check my fabulous friends from around the globe how the have rocked this weeks LACE concept. Links are below, so just CLICK CLCK & CLICK and enjoy their posts as well.
Helen (England): Everyone Should Sparkle
Laura (Canada): Lavish Laura
Kate (Australia): Sparkles and Lace 
Nina (USA): Curvy Mod
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Enjoy your day .... Until next time!!!
Tulz :)


  1. Love it. Loving the printed skirt. I a bit mad for prints.

    1. Happy you love my post ... im rocking the prints left, right and centre. Cheers babe

  2. You are so pretty, great look, the pink shirt is fab!!
    What about following each other through GFC? Just let me know!


    1. Thank you Carol, Id really appreciate following each other on google friend connect. Thanks for stepping by ... ive checked out your blog it is very much interesting. Later :)

  3. Love this outfit and I love how you step outside of the box! You know how to dress your body and you look great! I adore those shoes!

    1. thank you Crystal, I really try ... love them shoes too :)

  4. Looking hot lady!!! Love the socks and shoes!!

    1. Thanx Kate - was really skeptical bout it, I guess it worked!!!

  5. OMG your pictures are awesome, it looks like you had so much fun doing them. I really like the pictures with the guitar! And I love how you paired the pink lace with the tribal print, it looks great together. And the socks with the heels, I've always wanted to try that trend out but I have not been brave enough to try it with my outfits, but i think it looks great on you and i think it looks great with the outfit.


    1. Tnx Nina - u better try out heel-socks trend, am sure it'll suit you.

  6. Oh, my goodness, what a rad look! I absolutely love the high collar of the top, and the printed skirt, and the adorable socks paired with those fantastic heels.
    Seriously, this outfit is amazing.

  7. Thulisa this outfit is amazing. I read your post last week but forgot to comment-sorry! Love the pink colours :)