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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Adidas Superstar Review

Hi, all! 

Its a lazy Saturday morning, the weather is amazing. We are still in spring season in South Africa heading for summer.

Thought id try blogging using my cell phone (Apple iPhone) just to see how successful it can be to use it. I am using the Google blogger app and this seems to be an option if one is really busy and need to blog on the go at real time situations. 

This post is all about my recent purchase of Adidas Superstar sneakers. Oh, I love them - really who doesn't love these classic Adidas sneakers??? They are very comfortable and stylish: they go with all outfits you can think of. This is a brilliant design and the most recognisable as it is a vintage design. 

What you need to be careful of is sizing - they run big!!! I am UK size 5 and I wish I had bought size 4 or size 4 and a half. My pair is a little big but ill deal with that maybe by using extra padding - I don't know. They are still wearable though without all this effort. 

I bought my pair at Totalsports and they were R999.00 ($72,80 US dollars). I think thats a great price as they are made with leather and are vintage design that will spice up many outfits. Theres no way one cant get many wears from these classic sneakers. 

I am so inlove with adidas different superstars sold - i have about 5 pairs including this one and if money grew on trees id have more (lol). 

I cant wait to dress up and share a picture where they will be incoporated. 

Go get a pair friends, if you dont have them already - you are missing out on FABULOSITY, big time!!!!

Until next time, love you all - Thulie!!!!


  1. Want to buy these son Im a bit hesistant though since Im a size 6/7 with very wide feet.

    1. If you have not bought these id advise that you get a size 6. Thanks.

  2. nice shoes, great job you did thulsia mkhencele. appreciated
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  3. That is awesome for me. how can i get this??
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  4. Amazing! I love adidas, especially the original superstars