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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Elie Saab: Le Parfum Review

Morning to all of you fab ladies!
On this post I promised that I would start doing fragrance reviews on perfumes I own so that I can build and sharpen my reviewal writing skills for future reviews on other perfumes. So, this review is my first one. It really has taken me 9days to really have guts to get my head around this. So, this one is the first of many to come.
I kind of brainstormed before writing this, to just think of all the important things I normally consider important before buying a perfume besides the fact that it smells good. So the things ill be touching on are Longevity (how long does it last after spraying) and sillage (scent left behind by perfume usually after having passed some people or leaving a room). I will also talk about main notes in the composition of this perfume.
When I was staying Australia in 2011 I went to Myers for a refill for my D&G Light Blue bottle and when making that purchase - the assistant who was helping me asked if I wanted a samples of Elie Saab Le Parfum and Gucci Guilty Intense to try on. I said yeah, why not! I immediately threw them in my bag and continued with my shopping. I did the same when arriving home - threw them amongst my beauty routine stuff.
One day after having moved houses early 2012, it was weekend and I was just at home continuing with packing and tiding up my home when I came across these samples. I remembered I never really sprayed or even sniffed any of them and I just had to try one and Le Parfum was the choice of the day. I sprayed once at the back of my hand. At first the smell was nice but too strong for me.
Immediately after spraying I could pick up the notes of honey and some orangy accords. After few hours when the perfume has dried out I could smell patchouli but minimally and only at that moment I could appreciate Le Parfum smell. I continued wearing this perfume until the sample was finished and unfortunately I could not buy any bottle from Le Parfum size range. I continued using my own perfumes but could not let go of the empty sample bottle. I would sniff and smell the bottle but promising myself that one day I will get myself a bottle but when the time is right :)
Whilst doing my shopping in Kokstad Royalts Mall. I went to Edgars beauty section to buy my Clinique facial products and I saw Elie Saab bottle looking at me. All the good memories of me using the sample and loving its smell and longevity came rushing back and I could not leave this bottle behind. I went for a 90ml bottle because I going for the bigger bottle is kinda my thing, lol ... to be serious its because buying a bigger one makes sense especially knowing I wont outgrow liking that specific scent. I call it or rather consider it an investment more than anything, I am allowed to be crazy sometimes, lol ... once in a while especially buying things close to my heart :)
Nothing has changed from that sample bottle to this actual Le Parfum - I only make 2 sprays one on each side of the neck and im done with this perfume. Immediately after spraying the smell can put you off because it is very strong: moreover if you don't like sweet florally smells. The sillage  is strong as well but after drying out the smell becomes tolerable and very inviting to people around you.
This perfume stays for many hours on my skin as a result I don't even spray again to revive the scent. I am not even the person who carries a perfume in my purse when going to work, I guess that comes from the type of perfumes I buy. If the perfume doesn't stay longer on me I don't usually bother buying it because I see re-spraying as a waste of the product as these bottles come with high price tags. When getting one, it is always nice to know you are getting the value of your money from the product with its high quality and effectiveness.  
Sillage is too strong and can be too much to people around when in closed areas especially in the first 2 or 3 hours of spraying. As the day progress it is highly appreciated by many of my friends and colleagues. For me as well I appreciate the smell more after 3 hours of spraying and I think its the patchouli that I love from most of my fragrances that sparkles something within me with this perfume.
 I have used this perfume both in cold and warm and I love it more when it is warmer or hotter. There is something that must be happening with the chemistry of my skin because when it is hot - it is like when my body gets heated up he same happens to the fragrance as well because the sillage becomes way better and the more I smell roses more. Some of the notes said to be in this product I kind of miss them when the perfume is worn on a cold day - don't know why is this. Could be my strange body chemistry with the fragrance. For me its good for both Winter and Summer, regardless.
TOP NOTES: African Orange Flower
BASE NOTES:  Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, White Honey, Rose
So, that's it folks: ill try to shorten the review next time because right now it is longer than I planned. Have you used Le Parfum before? What is your own experience with this product? If not, looking at the composition notes: are they appealing to your eye or relate to perfumes you currently use? My advice is to try the perfume first before investing in a bottle: if it is a gift - well, hard luck!!!
 This is how Elie Saab - Le Parfum looks like
 This is what the bottle can do as it has a baroque architectural design. The bottle is rather heavy or maybe it is because its a 90ml, what do you think? The design is ok nothing really special to me. If you think other wise you can leave me and my readers your views on this and convince us how beautiful you this bottle is.
 Le Parfum comes in 30, 50 and 90mls. Also have a range of deodorants, body lotion, shower gel and body creams you can definitely explore. It may be cheaper to buy the perfume coming with all these as a set because individually they cost a fortune.

 This perfume was launched in 2011 and the model featured on this campaign is Anja Rubik. She is the lady you see above in the picture strutting in a beautiful gown. 

 I hope you can all see my bottle of Le Parfum amongst my other bottles (between flower bomb and burberry weekend). I bought the 90mls bottle for R1500 which is $149 US Dollars/ $160 Aussie Dollars.

Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I would appreciate your feedback because I love hearing from you too to make this page a better one for all of us.
Love - Thulie


  1. Oh my goodness, that is expensive! LOL! I thought you did really well with your first perfume review, I look forward to many more. Now, I would personally not purchase this perfume, I feel like the notes are too strong for my tastes. I do like a perfume that lasts, but I think this one would be too strong for me. I love the look of the bottle. I think it is pretty and classy. :-)

    1. thanx Crystal, too damn expensive - im even wondering why??? yes, its good but not really worth the price - still love it though :)

  2. I haven't been on here (or the blogosphere) in a while! I think I'll enjoy this new feature.

    1. Welcome back Noms and stay tuned for the next review :)

  3. Hey Thulisa,
    great review. For the summer, I want something very light and kinda like candy or somethign. I bought for 2 weeks "Love, Chloé" Eau Florale and love it!

    ♥ Bine

    1. thanx Bine, I'll have to get a sample of Love'Chloe - who knows I might fall inlove :)

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