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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Vintage Indulgence at Lehza Vintage

Good evening my fabulous ladies!

Tonight, I just want to share with you my little vintage bag collection from Lehza Vintage on Bid-or-Buy.  I bought all 5 bags I am showing you from her in July 2013. I first bought 3 and then 2. I never bought anything from bid-or-buy before and it was a lot of scare for me to eventually do it. I guess I was really worried of being scammed online or buy something that never gets delivered to me.
I learnt about bidorbuy from my bff Pumla Dlamini. She bought several vintage dresses on this site and had recommended me to check it out. Unfortunately the vintage dresses sold on bidorbuy hardly have plus sizes for thick ladies like me but when browsing through I really just got swoon into vintage bag collections and that's when I found Lehza Vintage collection and got into her world of fabulous vintage.
What I really like about her (Lehza) items is that they are clearly photographed in all angles and all defects found in her pieces are clearly explained and shown in her pictures. After months of checking out her vintage items I finally gave in last month and you know what? I am really giving myself a kick on my bum for not starting to buy from her earlier as she had many designer vintage bags I really liked which buy the time I started buying were sold out. Nevertheless, I am happy I am finally hooked. Really, what else can I say?

The first 3 bags I bought are bags that any working girl would appreciate having in their closet. Everyone is into Sling Bags currently and having vintage ones with perfect craftsmanship is always a bonus: I got 2 of those and the third one is a Patchwork top handle with a long strap to make it a sling whenever needed and this bag is an awesome some piece to have in my closet - love it too much than all others. The last 2 are the Gladstone Doctors Style handbag (a must have in any vintage queen's closet) and a shoulder bag.
Lehza charges an affordable shipping fee which accommodates all items bought from her at that moment. She doesn't charge per item, which is great. Therefore, you can buy as much as you need and just pay R40 for all to be sent straight to you.
For me to receive my items it usually take 4 to 5 working days. I think it would be much nicer to have an option of overnight which one can pay extra for in cases of emergency where you would need an item urgently for events or something ... maybe this is already one of the things she is planning to have - it really would be awesome to have this service.
Communication with this lady is easy and she usually responds immediately to any enquiries forwarded to her, I love her so much for that. There's nothing much annoying and frustrating than talking to someone who careless to respond to you asap when you have concerns, panicking or have questions on the other side. So, with her its totally amazing - she is a fabulous seller I have come across and her items are much better in person than the descriptions she gives on her site.
Guys you really better check her out. At the bottom of this post ill leave all her links for you to check her out to support, support and support her. I am so obsessed with her site!!! Everyday I check it out before I sleep so that I don't miss on new fabulous vintage items she continuously adds. Due to my pro-activeness, on top of the 5 bags I am showing you: I have indulged on Givenchy earings and a Coach sling bag that I will reveal to you on my upcoming post about my Vintage Indulgence. I cant wait to receive both items :) 

What is your take on pre-owned items??? What is your latest buy if you do indulge like me? If you don't do pre-owned: what are your reasons not to?

This is the lady behind the brand Lehza Vintage - this name is taken from her real name. She is Lehza van der Merwe. *Picture borrowed from her facebook page*

Black Leather Dilucio Designer Sling bag R149/AUD $16

Large Leather Patchwork Top Handle R199/AUD $22

Navy Leather Gladstone Doctors Style R120 / AUD $13

Tan Leather Shoulder bag R120 / AUD $13

Dark Brown leather sling bag R220 / AUD $24 (this is the expensive of them all)

All 5 vintage bags together: aren't they amazing??? I spent on all a shocking R770 PLUS R80 postage fee which all equals to R850/AUD $93 which I struggle to use for any decent leather bag from Country Road/The Leather Satchel Company/Michael Kors/Juicy Couture etc I own - This is PURE investment and luck to own such wonderful pieces. 

You can get Lehza's Vintage Collection from the following BidorBuy and Lehza Vintage Facebook Page and also can get more of this fabulous lady on her blog page.

I really am happy I took the plunge to try out buying stuff online especially on bidorbuy and come across fabulous Lehza Vintage. With her accessories I can jazz up my collection of vintage apparel and happily call myself Vintage Queen, lol :)
Thank you in advance for visiting and for leaving a feedback for me. Thank you!
Enjoy your night my fabulous friends :)
Thulie :)


  1. I love the patchwork bag..I have bought from bid or buy before. The trick is to buy from verified sellers.

    1. Love it tons too MissB ... ill definately keep that in mind next time :)

  2. OMG! I want them all -- OK, maybe just the two black slings. They're gorgeous.

    <3 Noms