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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Curves Around the World: Week15 - Polka Dot

Happy Spring ladies!!!
It is Wednesday today, you all know what that means for you - its Curves Around the World themed outfit series!!!! This week our theme is Polka Dot - I love everything polka dot as a result I have plenty of options. Thought id do a dress outfit but decided to opt for my thrifted skirt instead. I paired this skirt with bright coloured items to bring life to it as it is a navy and its the first days of spring - I am trying my best to look relevant even though I have not sorted my wardrobe for this season.  
I wore this outfit yesterday at work and managed to take pictures in my office as it was a very busy day to be posing outside. I think overall, the pictures really show my polka skirt actually the entire outfit nicely. What you will notice from these pictures though is that, I have covered the sides of my hair cut because I haven't shaved them the past week and is looking bad not covered. This is mainly because my hairstyle is very old now and deserves change. I think that'll be taken care of this coming weekend. So, do look forward to a new me these coming days :)
Back to polka dot: everyone everywhere is wearing polka - do you like polka? Which colour combination rocks your world? I love red n white OR black n white but don't mind any polka I land my hands on :)
 Buttoned up thrift jacket
Really don't know what I was getting up to but love the picture!!!
Skirt and Jacket: Thrifted, T-shirt and Earings: Mr Price, Heels: Zando, Bracelet: Lovisa, Watch: Guess
Mochino Leather Vintage Bag :)
My thin, chicken legs!!!
Mint Shoes from Zando
My office

Please check out my lovely and fabulous friends from around the globe how they have interpreted this week's Polka Dot theme. It would be highly appreciated if you give us all some love and Subscribe, Subscribe and Subscribe.
Thank you!!!
Helen from England: EveryoneShouldSparkle
Kate from Australia: Sparkles and Lace
Nina from USA: Curvy Mod
Thank you in advance for visiting and for leaving a feedback for me.
Enjoy your day my fabulous friends :)
Thulie :) 


  1. I must say I love how thrifty you are. You always find such good stuff. When u r in Jo'burg, u must take me thrift searching...digging? That Moschino bag jealous.

    1. ofcoz both searching and digging, lol ... that can definately be arranged MissB: Thanks :)

  2. Looking good--you look so great in skirts--a signature look for you!

  3. Loving the blue and orange together - genius colour pairing!

    Just me Leah

  4. Oh Thulie you did an amazing job with this weeks theme. The blue and the orange look great together and I think the top brings the whole outfit together. Oh and those shoes are so great, I love the design of them! Great job Thulie and I can't wait to see the new you! :)


    1. thanks Nina, You better stay tuned for my new look - cheers :)

  5. Love the blue and orange together. Great colour combo! Fab work outfit :)

  6. You look gorgeous as always!!!! :) I love those shoes!! I am so going to come over and find all these amazing thrift store bargains that you find!! :)

  7. Gosh you look amazing ! The skirt is perfect, same for the shoes ! YOU ROCKED IT
    Very nice blog girl

    Bisous from FRANCE

  8. The fifth photo is my favourite. You are WERQing this look, shems. Your skirt and shoes are pretty.

    <3 Noms

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