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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

H by Hudson Grafton Boots and Gonkolo HairStyle

Hey Fabulous Ladies!!!
Hope you had a fab week so far and are ready to celebrate the Human Rights Day tomorrow. Now that, is a break I have been waiting for cause I'm tired and definately looking forward enjoying having my "ME.ME.ME.ME.Time" Whats upseting though is that I, actually WE as Department of Health employees are working on Friday and are not having a long weekend like other employees from the Department of Education and Municipal employees. Why are we so unlucky :( I could do alot from tomorrow until Sunday, really of coz if I was given the long weekend!!!Really, who decides about these things??
Ok, enough about my moaning!!! Last Sunday after coming from my church meeting, I decided to go to the salon to get my mohawk braided. I have been looking forward getting my fringed braids :) It was really overdue.
Unfortunately, my hairstylist was out of reach because I spent my weekeend in Matatiele and was going back to Fletchie on monday morning. It was a must for me to get my hair done on Sunday because when the week starts it is hard to squeeze in salon appointments as we are super busy at work lately.
Thank God, my friend Zoe has a wonderful HouseManager who is highly skilled with hair. So, she hooked me up with my Fringed Braids. They were super tight and painful on the first day ... so much that I had to take pain pills to help me.
Monday came and I broke necks honey!!! Everyone could not help themselves but were forced to just look and appreciate my Wonderful HairStyle. It is unfortunate that I had no time to take pics. So, Tuesday was chilly and I had to warm myself up.
My inspiration for the day came from my recent purchase at Zandos "H by Hudson - Black Grafton Boots" - So, I decided to just go monochrome for the day. I really loved this outfit. Moreover, my Grafton Boots because I saw them by chance at Zando's website. I desparately wanted a pair last year 2012 and could not get the size from all websites and shops in Australia. I really gaveup on this shoe after many months of searching. They are really God sent. On this day it was their second wear. They are antique, comfortable, leather everything except lacies and a perfect height.
I bought these boots for winter and Id be pleased to hear your advice on how else I could wear these Vintage inspired boots.
Jacket: Aussie thrift, Dress: fashion world, Stalkings (Pretty Polly): Asos, Grafton Boots: Zando, Earings: Mr Price, Watch: Guess
 Thats all for tonight ladies, night...night!!!

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