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Friday, 22 March 2013

3 Shades of Leopard Print

Good Afternoon Fabulous Ladies...
Finally, its Friday!!! Cant believe the day is already gone this quick. Was very unhappy this morning to wake up and go to work after being on holiday yesterday and the fact that other people were sleeping because their employers were kind enough to give them a day off today. Anyway, it does not matter now because the day has already passed. I hope you had a fab Human Rights day yesterday. I spent my Hman Rights day in a funeral to support a dear friend and everything went well.
Today's post is about my outfit for today that is inspired by Animal Print Earings. Because it is warm I thought wearing my animal print sandals would add flavour to my ensemble moreover, having my animal print bangles would compliment the outfit. I am happy when I look at these pictures because I never really wore this outfit together before. It is a great achievement because I do not look like I am trying so hard instead I look effortless.
I wore a long black tshirt dress with a yellow pullover and a brass necklace with a heart pendant. According to me, this out fit is HOT and SMASHING... Everything compliments each other perfectly even though there's 3 shades of leopard print and mostly it and sits very well on my curves.
Do you think my wearing of different shades of Leopard Print is a YAY or a NAY and why do you think so?

Dress: PepStores, Earings, Pullover and Necklace: Mr Price, Sandals: Woolworths, Watch: Guess, Bangle: Sass Diva


 Have a fabulous weekend ladies :)


  1. your hair. And I love that you have animal print in small doses..


    1. Thanks for the compliment gal... am also happy i kept it minimal, the outfit works better that way i guess

  2. It's a yay because you didn't overdo it, like animal printed bag, top and bottoms lol x

    ♡ E.