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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mohawked RockStar

Hey Fabulous Ladies!
Firstly, I would like to apologise for this post's pictures. They are not as clear as the pictures I normally put up on this blog page. This is due to the fact that, the pictures were taken using my blackberry phone instead of Sony Camera. I love these pictures regardless, thats why I thought I should share them with all of you.
I wokeup on this day in a happy mood and that contributed to my mohawk hairstyling for the day. It was a warm and windy day that required a simple and light outfit without much effort and my today's outfit post is exactly my translation of that. So, i have nailed this outfit :)
I mostly like short dresses than long dresses. Maxi dresses are something I mostly avoid due to my short height and too much bottom thickness. This usual results in me hating everything I see when I look in the mirror. What I usually see, is too much wideness around my hips, big bum, big stomach and dwarfism. That makes me panick and change outfits one after the other until i get something that marries the inner me. Then I continue with my activities.
Am sure you all asking why the fuss, I should not care and all but I 100% care. This is because I fear being loooked at and have people judge me. I am a confident person in general and that usually helps as I tackle every issue as they come..
So, on this day the negative energy was not strong enough to discourage me not to wear my Purple Maxi. I managed to see all the good things thus you see this post right now.
When a small devilish voice whisper in my head and try to convince me that I am not beautiful. In these situations, all I do is always to immediately look at my positive message topics (hung on my headbord) with words like Beautiful, Smart, Confident, Hardworker, Active, ChangeAgent, Strong etc. Moreover, I play a dance song and just sing, dance and jump around. Negative vibes immediately vanish and my day is back to normal happy mood. This usually works and dont need more therapeutic services.
Fabulous ladies, how do you cope with negativity when it crops up trying to spoil your mood any day??? Please share your opinions Thank you..

Dress: Woolworths, Bolero: SES Australia, Sundlasses: Sunglass Hut, Belt: Mr Price, Sandals: Myer, Bracelets: Pep Stores, Earings: Qaqa's donation

Until next time, Lovely Ladies...Cheers!!!!

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