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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Upgraded HairStyle and Suspenders inspired outfit

Hey, Fabulous Ladies!!!
I have finally taken out my soft dread plaits and Yay, to my new hairsyle. Actually, its not a new hairstyle rather the haircut is just made more sleeker and bald clean on the sides. I like how my scalp feels - it feels fresh and clean.
After this hair makeover, I visited my friend Thandie in Mt Ayliff to spend the weekend with her. We had a blast so much that I forgot taking pictures of all the activities we engaged in. We both remembered on my day of departure to take all the pictures posted on this post.
As for the outfit, it got inspired by the suspenders I bought at Mr Price on my way to Thandie's place. Good thing, I brought my thrifted skirt for the weekend which has a tint of mustard flowers and the rest is mix and match.
How else can I wear these suspenders? Im thinking of a more fitted skirt (pencil skirt or bodycon)and a collared shirt, stalkings and nice heeled pumps for a work outfit look.
Please ladies, help to advise how else these suspenders could be worn. Thanx in advance :)
Suspenders and Sunglasses: Mr Price, T-shirt: Woolworths (Suga Suga), Skirt: thrifted, Sandals: Myer, Bag: Fossil Store, Bracelets: Lovisa, Watch: Guess
 Me and Thandie

Me and Fifi my niece  
Until next time Fabulous Ladies .... Cheers :)


  1. I like this look. Quite cheeky I might add.

    you like thrift? Check out my store sometime

  2. This look is one of my favorates too. Love thrifting a lot, I always get cheap and great stuff that I build my outfits on. Who doesnt like sale :) Checked your thrift store and I love the cosby pullovers and blouses. Size seems to be a problem coz im a big gal but ill check further coz ive seen I might score something from there. Cheers