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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Epauletted Orange Crop Jacket

Hi, again Fabulous Ladies!!!
Immediately after returning from Australia during summer I noticed that my bigger sister had this beautiful orange jacket which she bought from one of the West African shops in our town, Fort Beaufort. I had to make a deal with her as I could not get mine as the jackets were out of stock when we visited the same shop. It occurred that she had been eyeing a nice colourful summer dress in Woolworths but still budgeting to get it. So, I offered to buy her the dress which was much more expensive than this wonderful jacket in exchange. Nevertheless, I didnt care about the price of her dress as I was gonna get my perfect jacket and she is my sister. So, both parties were happy after the smooth exchange.
Looking at these pictures, I dont regret at all that I pursuid her and traded for something more expensive than the jacket. Getting perfectly fitting jackets is always a hustle for my body shape. I have a small top body against a much bigger bottom. The normal jackets I generally bump into, always make me look bigger and that is an illusion I dont want. If the jacket starts to cover my bum then I run for my life. Besides all that, I have big arms which also contribute to this hardship to locate a perfectly fitting jacket.
My Tips if you are expiriencing the same: I look for stretchy materials, something that hits my waist and not go beyond - if it does, it should be just a lil.  I dont mind if the jacket doesnt really close in front sometimes but it should at list be coming closer to the sternum area because you dont want to be walking around looking like an idiot if it doesnt cover half of your breast area. I also like cropped armed jackets, as a result most of the time I even go to an extent of cutting long sleeves into cropped length or send them to a tailor to cut for me. In my mind there is a stamp that says: I look better in cropped arms, lol.
This specific jacket, satisfies all my requirements and more. I like the colour against my skin and its brightness really lifts my mood.
One big problem I have about this outfit are my shoes. Im normally a flat shoe person exclusively. Ok, it used to be like that. I have just started experimenting with high heeled wedge shoes and still planning to explore high heeled pumps and all that is available in stores. I feel like, if I was wearing a classic high heeled black pump, this outfit could have been perfect. I guess, for now I have to appreciate my ensemble and continue taking baby steps into the world of Heeled Shoes.
What is your idea/opinion of a perfect shoe for this outfit? also, What are your tips to get a perfectly fitting jacket?

 Jacket: from my sister, Vintage Bag: Mom, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Mr Price, Vest:Woolworths (Studio), Bangle:Truworths, Kurt Geiger Wedge: Asos

Until next time, my Fabulous ladies!!! 


  1. I love this skirt! Really gorgeous look! I wish my mum was still around so I could raid her wardrobe.

  2. I know, moms are a good source of vintage. In their absence though, there are thrift stores or Vumbulula markets. Actually u know better coz u r also a vintage source :) love that skirt too mostly because its polka and has pockets. cheers