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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Denim Peplum Fabulosity!!!

Hi, fabulous ladies...
It has been a while I must say. It feels good to be back again after so many events happening eversince I wrote my last post. Easter was good and immediately after that my FABULOUS aunt died. It was a huge shock and pain to my entire family. She has been buried this previous weekend and her funeral service was great. "May her soul restin peace".
Just before easter I was cornered by my friend at MrPrice when we saw a denim short in the plus size section. She was questioning, when will I start wearing denim pants and shorts as I stopped wearing them seven years ago because I felt too big and ugly one morning.
So, my answer to her was: I'll consider going back in them jeans and other pant stuff when I feel its the right time and she quickly told me that: if I dont challenge myself right at that moment, the right time will never come because all I have is fear of unknown.
I had to take up this challenge not only because I wanted to prove to her I look good in anything but to prove to myself that I am a changed person now compared to that morning when I lacked a good frame of mind and was overly negative towards myself. Right now, I love myself regardless of my skin rolls and my fat bum and thighs. I dont care what the next person thinks about me because all I know is that we are all imperfect humans and we all have issues with ourselves one way or the other.
It is a pity that my issue of being overweight is obvious to everyone as a result some people tend to judge before trying to get to know me. Others are lucky enough to walk up and down the streets and get appreciated from far only because they have slim body frames but they have their own fair of body issues (rather, big issues). For an example: acne, big feet, tummy or nose, sweating problem, bad breath or they feel ugly etc BUT, all the people who are expiriencing what I have stated above always get the benefit of the doubt before being judged because of their slim exterior frame.
Good thing is that, I liberated myself from the chains of SELF LOATHING, I love every bit of my thick skin and I definately celebrate my thick curves 24/7. I hope when you read this post you will get inspired to love yourself more regardless of any issue you have with yourself.
So, I took up my friend's challenge and I think I did great because I AM BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS. Moreover, this denim peplum look on me is on fire :) It is really SICKENING, big time..... 
Whats your take?? Yay or Nay???? 

Shorts, peplum top, headband and earings: MrPrice, Stalkings: Asos, Shoes: Aldo, Watch: Guess 


Stay positive and fabulous ladies, until next time. Cheers!!!!
Tulz :)


  1. You look so lovely, sisi! Glam but not OTT. I like it.

  2. Thank you gal, your compliment means so much. I always aim not to be over the top cause that aint me at all. Just love being smart and glam. Later :)

  3. Hi Thulisa! I happened to stumble upon your blog, and though I browse many blogs/sites, I rarely join. I only follow three blogs. Your beauty and confidence really, really inspire me. Though I recognize my beauty and own my fashion sense, I am encouraged to take those things to the next level. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to the journey!

    1. Hey, Latonya. I really appreciate you joining my TFAF world. I really try to please myself and all of you and am very happy you got to notice my efforts and got inspired. If you have any blog page please holla and ill definately support you as well. Many thanx, cheers :)

  4. This outfit is perfect! You did an amazing job with this challenge and kicked ass. I love the mix of glam/gold with the denim shorts.