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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sporty Chic

 Hi, again ladies...
At last!!! I have managed to get myself the famous college jacket. I have not really been too keen to get one but when I saw this grey number, something within me just convinced and confirmed that it is about time for me to own one.
I love this look because it is casual and smart at the same time. The earthy tones of the boot and the handbag compliments this light grey colour combination and the pink bangle just gives a adequate oomph to the entire outfit.
I wore this outfit at work during the week,I think it was a wednesday and I like the fact that I did not have to wait until friday (which is our casual day) to rock my Varsity Jacket. I am beautiful, jealous down :)
Already, I am thinking of other ways to wear it at work and still remain smart. Any suggestions ladies???  

Dress: Woolworths (Trenery), Varsity Jacket, Earings: Mr Price, Boots and Belt: Woolworths, Bag and Watch: Guess, Stalkings: Pretty Polly Curve (Asos), Bangle: Target (Australia)


Later, ladies!!!
Tulz :)


  1. Hi hun. You look fantastic. I'm a big fan of the varsity jacket.
    By the way, your make up always looks flawless...please consider doing a foundation tutorial.


  2. Thanx Miss B... I really appreciate your feedback so much. Thank you for taking the time to leave something behind for me. I never consider myself a makeup person as a result I dont even talk bout it. I always promise myself that I will consult professional girls on how to do a proper one. I use Clinique 3 STEP (soap, clarifyin lotion and moisturiser), M.A.C. Studio Fix Foundation, Revlon Mascara and Rimmel lipgloss. I also use Clinique Makeup remover. So, thats my everyday routine. Again, thank you so much. Have you ever made any tutorials in your blog on anything that I can use as a reference??? Laters, Miss B :)

  3. Pretty look! Love the jacket. It's getting colder and the struggle for well-fitting tights begins again.

  4. Thank you Nomali. Winter started early this year. It is a struggle every morning to ensemble a warm enough outfit. Good luck finding those tights :)

  5. Thulisa, I love your blog! Love this look too :-)

  6. Thank you so much bantu... you have a wonderful blog as well and many thanx for following me :) ill definately do the same. cheers

  7. Yabona Thuli sister eyona ndiyithanda kakhulu ngaleblog yakho zipictures. I have to admit iblogpost engenazifoto iyandibhora ewe ndiyathanda ufunda kodwa ngase ndimane ndibona ifoto. Enkosi ngale yakho its got pics all the way and btw I think pics have more words in them than the actual words. Much love sisi.