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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Its raining Dark Green Leather/Suede Thrift Jacket

Hello...Hello Fab Ladies!!!
The Eastern Cape Province is very cold this week and it is getting worse tomorrow as it is forecasted that here in Mt Fletcher it is gonna SNOW....Yes, SNOW :) Yippeeeee!!! Awesomeness (although I have not thought of an outfit to celebrate that). Am really looking forward to the snow :)
Todays post is about what I wore in todays freezing weather. At first, it was a struggle as I still have my summer clothes in my wardrobe but luckily in one of the hangers at the back, I spotted my DARK GREEN LEATHER JACKET which I thrifted in 2010 just before relocating to Australia and I never got a chance to wear it as I left it behind :( Believe it or not, all this jacket costed me was R45,00. It is a Huge investment I must say, especially with this colour and make :) I am really happy the jacket is not black.
Coincidentally, during preparations of my Mothers Twin sister funeral (which was about 3 weeks ago) One of my generous aunts gifted me her vintage printed skirt which came in handy to team up with my jacket today. I also teamed up both (jacket and the skirt)with a purple turtleneck and toned down gold accesories also with nuetral coloured boots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my outfit, do you???
Ladies, how else can I wear this Wonderful Vintage Find (GREEN LEATHER JACKET)???   
Skirt: Gift, Jacket: thrift, Boots and Turtleneck: Woolworths, Necklace and bracelet: MrPrice, Watch: Guess

Night, night ladies!!!
Tulz :)


  1. I know, I love it too :)
    I really appreciate your feedback. Have a fab weekend. Tnx

  2. Replies
    1. It is a great thrift find - perfect treasure, love it :)

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