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Monday, 22 April 2013

OOTD: Something is missing!!!

Hey, Hey Ladies!!!
Hopefully you had a fantabulous weekend like me :)although my weekend was raining and eventually became housebound. I woke up late for work today and I kind of panicked as I always decide in the mornings what to wear to work.
The rain gave us a break but it was still chilly. All I had in my mind was to get something that does not need any ironing but warm enough to get me through the day. As I opened my closet the fisrt thing I saw was this grey spotted skirt and when I looked up where I keep my pullovers I spotted my oversized lavender pullover and immediately I was satisfied. Thought I would be able to wear a turban and black heeled boots but everything just went wrong. Time was really against me :(
If I were to wear the same outfit again, how would you advise to make it a complete outfit??? As I am looking at these pictures, I am unhappy with the outcome. I think, this outfit is lacking something to take it from this BORINGGGGGGGG state to a FABULOUS one. I think heels could have made a tremendous difference, for heaven's sake it is a Monday. What was I thinking, really???

What else do you think ladies? Please help to advise the sister in need. So that I dont make this mistake ever again.

Thanking you in advice :)

 Skirt, Pullover and Earings: MrPrice, Stalkings: Pretty Polly Curves: Asos, Brogues: Freelance (Australia), Sunglasses (TomFord): SunglassHut
Cheers, Ladies!!!
Tulz :) 

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