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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Curves Around the World: Week16 - Vintage

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!!

Todays post is all about Curves Around the World "VINTAGE" themed outfit and my Fabulous NEW HAIRSTYLE, yes fabulous, lol - I really do look pretty :)

I wore several vintage outfits last week and took a couple of pictures for this vintage theme but when I took pictures yesterday with my thrifted outfit and my new hairstyle I really opted to use yesterdays pictures for this post instead. To me they are more fab and I wanted to show you my new hairstyle.

I took this Vintage theme literally by opting to wear Vintage items instead of wearing modern items which are vintage inspired. As I said earlier this outfit was not meant for this post but is used because  it somehow fits within this theme. I have been wearing most of my thrifted items lately, everyday there had been a piece or two or the entire outfit like this one: all thrifted...

I am the lover of Vintage apparel and wearing my vintage clothes usual give me stares on the streets as most people are wearing modernised clothing. I walk tall and proudly as I know  I am my own self brand and don't need to conform with any of the styles other people are into and to be honest people do approach and give me compliments. 

I mostly go to work with my outfits and they fit perfectly in that environment because all the pieces I buy can be dressed up or down. Many of my colleagues envy me for being that comfortable buying and wearing these vintage clothes. This past winter some of them were inspired to buy their coats from the streets and wear them to work and whoala... everyone is saving money and happy :)

When I do vintage I love adding a lil'bit of quirkiness to personalise my outfits. I hate following what everyone is doing instead I mostly use what everyone is doing for my inspiration. I must say currently Vintage trend is so popular these days - everyone is really giving this trend their best shot to incorporate in their everyday looks and even to modernise the trend to their satisfaction.

Ok, lets touch base on my new hair a lil'bit ... you wouldn't expect me not to talk about it on this post, would you??? I am excited about this change and also hope you think my hair suits me and my personality and is a fab change from what I had. To be honest, it is my first time getting coloured hairstyle and this maroon/oxblood suits my skin tone. I might consider having a similar toned hairstyle in future, what do you think. Looking at this makes my black hairstyles so boring and too safe. I am enjoying living out of the box a lil' these days.

I promise to share my other vintage outfits I took pictures of as the week progress. Are you the lover of vintage??? Do you like vintage inspired modern items or do you go all out just like mwah to bring life to old clothes???

NB: All these pictures are taken using my iPhone and I must say I am pleased with the quality as I usually use my SONY camera which has perfect pictures!!! Hope you all think the same as me :)
This is the type of photo one would get when looking at old pictures from our families albums. I made this special effect to resemble those old times. 

Dress: Thrifted
 Scarf (Calvin Klein: Thrifted
 Bag (Coach):Thrifted at Lehza Vintage
Pumps and Belt: Woolworths
Bangles: Fashion World
Watch: Guess

Please check out my lovely and fabulous friends from around the globe how they have interpreted this week's VINTAGE theme. It would be highly appreciated if you give us all some love and Subscribe, Subscribe and Subscribe.
Thank you!!!
Kate from Australia: Sparkles and Lace
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Helen from England: Everyone Should Sparkle
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Enjoy your day my fabulous friends :)


  1. Wooooowooooo!!!! I love the hair and the outfit! Looking fabulous!!

  2. You are such a beautiful woman, love the dress and the colour of the braids is beautiful on you.

  3. WOW! Your new hair is amazing! Look at that picture of you from behind - what curves! Lovely.

  4. Thulie your hair looks great, I've been wanting to get some highlight with a maroon color but I haven't been brave enough. But yeah I love your take on this theme, it works perfectly. I used to love thrifting when I was younger but I haven't done it in so many years. You are really inspiring me to go out and thrift. But yeah I love how you put the outfit together with the special touches, like your scarf. I admire you for being so confident and wearing what you want. :)


    1. thank you so much Nina: I really appreciate your feedback....go out and thrift please :)

  5. OMG!!! Thulie, you look fabulous! I love your hair and red + blue is one of my favorite combinations. You've killed it once again!

  6. Your hair is fierce..saw it on Stylista and I was like how did I miss that post...looks like it slipped through the tracks.
    You look gorge..

    1. I am happy you came across it regardless - anyway, you were bound to see it soon as my world is yours - thank you so much my friend :)

  7. Great hair and really cool outfit. It really fits your style. Fab post. :)