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Monday, 23 September 2013

THRIFT HAUL: Double Breasted Knit

Good Afternoon my fabulous friends!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hope your Monday is going well so far. Todays post is about a double breasted cardigan I thrifted on the street floors of Mt Fletcher - got it for R15 (~$2) yes, that much :)
Great thing about it is that it is as good as new - no stains or fluff balls just perfection!!! Lesson I am relaying today is that - the price tag don't matter especially when an item fits you well.
For me, nothing beats the joy I get when I score a great thrift item - I always think of how much I am saving by acquiring that fab item. What iskey for me when I thrift is to get items that are ready to be worn. I avoid items that require fixing before they can be worn. Ofcoz, that increases the value spent on that item and I don't want that and investment of more time - I know there are exceptional cases I might find myself doing exactly that. So, only then I'd bend my motto!!!
What is your thrifting strategy??
Earings: Mr Price
Dress: Fashion World
Knit Cardie: Thrifted
Scarf: Edgars
Stockings: Woolworths
UGG Boots: Jet
Watch: Guess
Thanks for popping in -
Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!!
Thulie :)


  1. hey! i love your hair! very cool! :) and that cardigan you thrifted is really pretty and chic, great find :)


  2. Love that double breasted jesery. You have such a good eye..

  3. Love your entire ensemble. You wear the nicest outfits. Love that hair color on you. Your makeup is definitely on point. I've always been curious about your hair, what's the deal with shaving the sides?

    1. thanx Crystal: hehehe, with regards to my hair cut: I had this cut since 2011 when I went back to school for my masters degree - I needed to let loose and just enjoy my youthful days once more before turning 30, since I never did anything out of my comfort zone. I am now back to work and my deadline to shave everything off is this coming December 2013 to start afresh :)

  4. Your skin is flawless! I'm blown away by it every time. The jacket is a right steal too!