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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Curves Around the World: Week 13 - Rock Chic

Hello, Hello.... Ladies!!!
Its that time of the week for the Curves Around the World themed outfit posts. Yes, this weeks theme is Rock Chic!!! I am sure when you hear Rock Chic - what comes to mind immediately is Leather, Chains, spikes, dark eyed makeup, Dr Martens, studs etc!!! All the things I mentioned toughen up the outfit and gives it that edge that makes Rock Chic, ROCKS :)
I have a couple of Leather pieces, Doctors Martens and surely can darken my eye makeup, lol but that's kinda expected right? What triggered my thinking to be on that wave length is coming across Rihanna on some blog I visited where they focussed more on her converse hi top sneakers and when looking at her all I could see was a simple take on Rock Chic trend. With just those two pieces of clothing (dress and sneakers) and her red lip - she was effortlessly on point with this ROCK CHIC trend.
This picture kinda gave me an idea of items I should use to create this look. At first I wanted to recreate this entire look as I have similar items but opted to use a black dress instead of Rihanna's white one because my focal item was my recently bought Marimekko Converse Sneaks which make a better contrast with this black dress compared to a white one. A maxi dress was my order of the day: so, wearing only this maxi dress with hi tops would have not given me the effect I was looking for - adding up my gold studded denim vest made sense on many levels to take me Rock Chic land, if you know what I mean :)
I sprinkled some gold accessories (watch and bangles),  added red lip and my big Green Statement Earings to perfect this outfit. You all can agree with me that "A lady is incomplete without a handbag"! Right?? Yeah ... Right!!! So my Lehza Vintage brown sling bag came to play to complete this outfit. I know what you all thinking - that I have been carrying this bag quite a lot on my recent posts but what can I do when this bag just blends perfectly with my everyday outfits??? LOL ... I really am happy to have bought this bag its really perfect for my day to day activities at work and other wise. It looks small but it definitely does carry my notebook and my ipad with my wallet, car keys and makeup just perfectly. I hope my justification carries a lot of weight and you are finally forgiving me for this offence :)
So, dig in, indulge and definitely give feedback on your thoughts about my Rock Chic look. I look cute and  sassy - I really did enjoy taking these pictures, I know you will enjoy looking at them too and also agree that my version still qualifies my look to be called ROCK CHIC... ROCK ON LADIES :)

Rihanna rocking ROCK CHIC trend!!!

Red Lip: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain #30 - Smitten

Dress: Pep Stores: Denim Vest: Woolworths, Marimekko Converse Sneakers: Style36, Ring & Earings: Mr Price, Bangles: Lovisa, Mr Price and Truworths, Bag: Lehza Vintage, Tom Ford Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut, Watch: Guess 

These come with another pair of purple laces to change and match the inside liner should I decide to fold out the top!!! I LOVE THEM so much ...
Please check out my lovely and fabulous friends from around the globe how they have interpreted this ROCK CHIC theme and please give us all some love and don't forget to Subscribe and Subscribe.
Thank you!!!
Helen from England: Everyone Should Sparkle
Bine from Germany: Bine Button
Kate from Australia: SparklesandLace
Nina from USA: Curvy Mod
Thank you in advance for visiting and for leaving a feedback for me. As much as I love writing these posts for you - I also love hearing from you as your feedback is what I need to make this page better. So, please leave something behind for me. Thank you!
Enjoy your day my fabulous friends :)
Thulie :) 


  1. The waistcoat looks really good on you and totally fits the theme. You rock the Converse :)

    Great post!

    1. thanx Helen, I really love my sneaks :)

  2. Hi Thulisa,
    great Stylicon Rihanna looks really good in that pictures with the Chucks and this cute Dress. I love what you did with that example! Looks much more Rock Chick than Rihanna.

    ♥ Bine

  3. Those shoes and that jacket are awesome! You look hot and it is a totally wearable look!

  4. Those shoes and the jacket are seriously AMAZING!

  5. Oh I love the inspiration you got from the Rihanna outfit. I think your converse and the vest give such a great rock edge to your outfit. Those shoes are really great, I love the color and the print of them! Great job on the post Thulie!


  6. Cute look! Nice call for adding the denim vest. Denim vests are always a win in my book.

  7. My First time checking your Blog, must say I'm so thrilled! I just love ur sense of Style. That Converse Sneaker thOuGh!I just love it. Xxx

    1. Thanx Ntobe and Welcome to my world!!!!
      I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me this feedback ... Hope to see you back here soon.
      Oooh, those sneaks are amazing - comfy and stylish, look for a pair as well - you wont regret :)

  8. I have got to hunt down a denim vest—I don't understand how I don't have on yet!
    I think this look is fantastic, and just too cool! I love the bright pops with your shoes and earrings. :)

    1. thanx, Sarah ... please get that denim vest gal - really, what are you waiting for? lol