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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Asos Curve Dress

Hey guys!!!

Its been really a long time, hope you all good.
This time I am not going make any drastic promises - all ill say is I am back again because I love blogging. I am not being lucky getting a full time photographer and also my work schedule is insane. Whenever I am off duty - I always need time for myself.
In the meantime, I though it would be best not to stress about a photographer and doing photo-shoots - all ill do right now is just blog about anything I like (product reviews) OR anything happening in my life at that time (maybe my weight loss program that just got kick-started with Herbalife products this month -
 surely, a story for another day :)

I also have old pictures that I never posted but still love dearly - just like pics for todays blog post. I attended a wedding sometime ago and took lots of pictures but never wrote a post about these even though I posted some of these pictures on instagram.
Am sure you will fall in love again with me in these pictures (lol, you should and will) and the outfit I am wearing. The outfit is as bright as a spring morning - you will notice below. I wore a green Asos Curve Dress accessorised with South African beaded neckpiece and bangle & more.... Enjoy!!!

I still love hearing from you, so please leave behind a feedback note for me. Thanks....
This is me and my friend Avela who made me tag along for this wedding :)

Dress: Asos Curve
Bag: Chanel
Neckpiece & Bracelet: South African Flea Market
Heels: Zando
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures.
Really had a nice time on this day!!!
Ok, lets leave it here for now .... ill be back soon (review of Adidas superstar sneakers)
Love you all, Thulie!


  1. Beautiful.....I love the dress & handbag

  2. Beautiful. Love that color on you!

  3. So happy to see a post from you! Glad you had a chance to take some photos and write a blog post. I'm sure you miss blogging, as I imagine it's a great creative outlet for you. Love this bright colorful outfit, and your accessories really pop!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks Liz....I miss our challenges mostly, its unfortunate that this are not working out my way!!!

  4. I absolutely love the blue and green together, reminds me of the ocean.

  5. OH, I missed you so! Welcome back - good to see you! And you look lovely in this green!

  6. I love that green dress. Looking lovely @Thulisa

  7. You are looking so cute and adorable. Which type dress that was?????
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  8. You are looking so cute and adorable. Which type dress that was?????
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  9. Hi there! You are fabulous! I was wondering if you have ever considered doing a swim wear post? -thursdays swimwear.

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