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Saturday, 15 February 2014


 Good Evening, Friends :)
Hope you have not forgotten about my collaboration with Shawna's  Awesome Online Shop. Many people have been celebrating valentines day yesterday and still continue to celebrate throughout this weekend. 
I think this outfit ensembled using her Bandeau could be worn for these celebrations. Pairing of her bandeau with a bodycon skirt reminds me of cocktail dresses and the, timeless ones :)
At first I was not sure whether to add the choker but I am happy I did. Looking at these pictures gives me joy on creating an awesome outfit which is so badass and rockstar at the same time. I don't live according to some standards put up by some people who think they know everything. I DO ME most of the time and that excites me.
Yesss......allow me to be cocky: this outfit is adorbs!!! Love it too??? Hope you do, cause its worth at least that :)
So, don't forget heading to Shawna's  Awesome Online Shop and get yourself something.
 These are some of her social networks. facebook page , Chubby Cartwheels Facebook Page, Chubby Cartwheels Instagram and her blog
Do check her out :)
Skirt: Mr Price
Heels: Woolworths
Purse: Thrifted
Bangle: Truworths
Neckpiece: Thrifted
Earings: Mr Price

Thank you so much guys,
Enjoy your evening and your weekend friend ....
Cheers, Thulie :)


  1. I want to snatch this outfit off you!!!!! Soooooo hot!!!!!!!!

  2. Girl, stop it! This look is HOT! Omg - I love it. Hot pink and black is such an awesome combo, and the body con fit is absolutely fierce! I'm so glad you felt amazing wearing it because you look absolutely fab!

    <3 Liz