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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Curves Around The World: Neon

Good Evening, Friends!!!
Its Wednesday and you know what that means :)
Yes, Curves Around The World themed plus size outfits!!!
Its no different this week as well .... Our theme is NEON!!!
I love bright colours and the suit my skin colour perfect (that's what I think - esp. when convincing myself to wear more bright colours, lol).
This week I decided to feature Chubby Cartwheels famous bandeau. The bandeau's HOT PINK colour qualifies for our theme. On my last post I paired this bandeau with a bodycon skirt and this time around I decided on pairing with pants to show the versatility of this Chubby Cartwheels bandeau.
I get inspired by Shawna and working with her and also dressing her designs has really assisted me in enhancing myself's body love and also spreading the word to all of you - emphasizing to love yourselves so much the way you are RIGHT NOW.
By wearing pants with this bandeau I am trying to show you its ok to just live in the moment and be yourself. Also in need to say - its ok to show some skin. I know, my tummy is not flat and all but I comfortable to just show it anyway.
I must say, I am getting much more comfortable with myself taking, looking at and posting my pictures showing my imperfections to all of you because ive grown to love and accept them as they are.
As much as I promote being healthy but I am sorry - I am not gonna wait until I am 50kgs lighter to love myself. I love myself NOW, tomorrow and definately on the day Id lose that much weight. Happiness, Self love and positivity will definately help me get to my goal weight cause stress will do the opposite.
"Cheers to Body Positivity RIGHT NOW,
regardless of imperfections!!!"
Hope you love my small dose of NEON :)
Bandeau: Chubby Cartwheels 
Jogger pant: Mr Price
Heeled Pumps: Woolworths
Earings: Mr Price
Necklace: Gifted by Pumla
Bracelet: Moms Closet
Bag: Thrifted from Lehza Vintage
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Thank you for visiting my page and for reading this post - I appreciate that a lot: thank you!!!
Thulie :)


  1. Looking fierce and fabulous Thulie!

  2. I totally agree with you Thulie and how you should love yourself now. I am so happy that you are more comfortable with yourself, you are such a beautiful person and I admire you so much for your style and confidence. But yeah your outfit is surely fabulous, the bandeau looks great with leopard pants and the jean vest pulls the whole outfit together.


  3. omg you are such a badass I can't even.

    you make a squealing fangirl out of me!

  4. Your confidence inspires me. We are always feeling insecure about something. I love that you love ur self, I also try everyday to be nice to myself and encouraging and comfortable in my own skin. I love the look, u look gorgeous.

  5. This outfit is perfection!!! You look amazing. I love the fit of the pants on you. Well done!

  6. HAWT yet again! Love the whole outfit!

  7. The neon really suits you, I wish I could say the same, but 9 times out of 10 it's just blah. You look fantastic :)

  8. You are amazing and you have an amazing style! So many times I envy you my dear.