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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Good Morning, Ladies!!!
Hope you are all great this morning.
It is that's time of the week where I, together with my fabulous friends from around the world post our themed outfits. This weeks theme are STRIPES. I must really confess that ever since realising that this weeks theme are STRIPES I kinda panicked and from Saturday until yesterday I have been wearing items with stripes because I have been digging my closet ensembling outfits and taking pictures of all every single day as I wanted to compare all so I can choose to post the best out of all BUT unfortunately I love all of them.
 I chose to post these pictures because they are just simple and have my favourite basic colours (red, black, white) compared to others. I know its not good enough justification but hey, they just made sense to post first :)
 I first planned to pair this outfit with my brown biker boots also with a brown hat but yesterday morning when I was rushing to work I could not find my boots and I hastily opted for these red Converse boots because they match with everything in my closet but bad thing is that I did not achieve my boho chic look I planned to achieve out of this outfit.
Id be happy if you could tell me what this look I ended up with is. I am not sure what to say as my drawn in the head boho chic look became a failure.
I will post three more stripes outfits during the course of the week from tomorrow because they are just are fabulous as this one. Who knows you might even like the other outfits more than this one. For now, its all about my preference amongst all - your turn to judge is coming :)
Another point I wanted to convey with this outfit is that the horizontal lines theory does not scare me. I am quite pleased with this outfits outcome and don't see any extra kilos accumulated by wearing horizontal stripes. This outfit is just perfect!!!
I paired this outfit with my thrifted Fur Jacket because it is Winter here and its always chilly even though there is a shinning star outside. I chose this jacket to add some chic flare to my casual outfit as I was going to work and also warm me up as my flu is not yet gone. Have you noticed that my Stripes are a dress worn as a skirt???  
What is your ideal STRIPES outfit????
Thank you for visiting my blog page and also for giving yourself time to read this post. I enjoyed taking pictures and writing this post for you and therefore would appreciate if you could leave your feedback behind because I love hearing from you. Thank you so much.

Fur Coat and Top: Thrifted, Dress worn as a skirt, bangles and necklace: MrPrice, Stalkings: Woolworths, Shoes (AllStar- Converse): Edgars, Bag: The Leather Satchel Co., Sunglasses (Tom Ford): Sunglass Hut, Watch: Guess

Please checkout my fabulous friends from around the world how they have rocked this STRIPES theme for this week. Also don't forget to leave your feedback on my post and their posts too and please give us all love by following us on bloglovin'
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Thank you so much...
Lots of love to all of you!!!
Thulie :)


  1. Gorgeous outfit!! I love the mixture of textures and patterns! Looking great!!! No extra kilos in site ;)

    1. Thank you girl...I really mixed and matched in this outfit and it really did work. Yep, no extra kilos spotted, lol ;)

  2. Your outfit looks great as always and I have to say I think your outfit is very boho chic, I love it. I really like how you mix textures and patterns with such ease, i wish i was able to do that! But yeah, love the converse they are so great and they really do go with everything! And Oh i can't wait to see your other stripped outfits that your going to post! :)


    1. Hey, Nina!!! I am happy you are telling me that my outfit is boho chic because that's exactly what I was aiming for but wasn't sure I achieved that as I wanted to wear this outfit differently. Chuck Taylors (converse) are close to my heart and yeah, I also cant wait to share my other stripes outfits. Stat tuned :)

  3. You look like a film star in these pics! Love that we both had converse in our outfits! I also have sunglasses just like these. You look fab!!

    1. Thought Id mention the Converse coincidence, also love it. Please wear them sunglasses in your next post am sure they suit you very well - looks like we have similar love of accessories. Thank you!!!

  4. great look!! love your haircut!!

  5. Love, love, love this outfit! You have great style, Thulie! I too, love the mixing of textures and patterns! You've got this fashion blogging down pat!