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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tropical Punch

  Afternoon, Ladies!!!
Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.
There is not much story behind todays post, I am just sharing one of last weeks outfits worn at work on a chilly day. Just woke up on this day feeling happy. Due to that I ended up mixing all these colourful items together and whoallaaaa, I had this tropical punch outfit, hehehehehe!!! Really, who said we cant wear colourful clothes in winter? My outfit is a testimony that we can brighten up the gloomy winter by wearing any colourful clothes!!!
My outfits are always playful and full of colour and I just love that because they are a reflection of myself on many levels. Bought my Juicy Couture bag in 2011 to carry my school books and right now I am definitely carrying it to work throwing in everything you can think of - for example I carry my iPad, Laptop, diary, makeup bag and other things ladies throw in their bag - fortunately this bag is big enough to handle all this craziness :)
I have been thrifting lately and my outfits posts are bound to have a thing or two from the thrift store. For example on this post my colourful Marks and Spencer cardigan has been thrifted a week ago and loved it the minute I laid eyes on it. It feels good to look great and be complimented on items that cost close to nothing compared to fully price new items. That inspires me to get more, I am telling you :)
Do you ever thrift? What is your recent thrifted item? Have you posted anything on your blog about it so we can check it out??? If yes, please leave your blog link alongside with your feedback so we can check it.
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Thank you so much guys, thank you for being part of my journey!!!
Maxi Dress: Woolworths, Cardigan: Marks & Spencer, Snood: MrPrice, Beaded Earrings: Fletchie Tourism, Bangle: Target, Watch: Guess, Bag: Juicy Couture, Shoes (Studio W): Woolworths, Stalking's: Woolworths
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Thank you!!!!
Until next time.
Thulie :)