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Sunday, 2 June 2013

DR MARTENS: Military Inspired

Hello Fabulous Ladies!!!
I would love to thank you all so much for your support. You really motivate me to stay fabulous and positive at all times, you really do and thank you for that - I really appreciate!!!
Tonight, I am just sharing pictures of what I wore at work on a Friday before I changed my hairstyle. I had no chance to share these pictures before my collaborated  themed outfit series of animal print as well as my other outfit  that I will post in future which I wore on the same weekend. I
t was just a cold and windy day and I just managed to take these pictures. They are not the best quality ... however you can still at least see what I wore - Am sure you appreciate my efforts :)
When I was putting together this ensemble I was kinda thinking of Military  and that's why I am wearing my parka jacket as well and I decided to just add my Docs on  the equation just to spice up this outfit.
I bought these Dr Martens two years back but they are still not yet broken in although I bought the broken in version. (Broken In 1460). Is it because I am not frequently wearing them? What can I do to just make them soft enough?  
How would you wear your Dr Martens and your parka jacket and still end up with a military inspired outfit??? 
Do you love my version of military? Why??   

Dress: Virtu, Jacket: Mr Price, Shoes: Dr Martens USA online Store, Stalkings: Asos, Bangle: Diva

Thank you ladies!!!
Hope you are ready for my next post with my fabulous friends on LACE.
Stay tuned and start counting down....
Tulz :)


  1. I think military is always such a cool, effortless trend, and I think you knocked it out of the park! That jacket is too cool, too!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!!! I really appreciate your feedback. Cheers :)