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Monday, 17 June 2013


Hey, fabulous ladies!
Hope you all have enjoyed your long weekend just like I did. Spent my weekend with my fabulous dear friend Nobeh and it was awesome. I feel light in spirit and ready for this week already!!!
Guys this post is meant to urge all of you who already follow me to follow me on BlogLovin' as you already do with Google Friend Connect. Reason being: from the 1st of July 2013 GFC will disappear and stop operating so it is better that you quickly transfer to Bloglovin' so that you don't miss any of my fabulous posts in future by just clicking Clicking Here or click on BlogLoving Icon on your right hand side of this blog.

For those who are not yet following me yet, I am pleading that you do follow me straight on BlogLovin' as well. It is motivating when I know I have got an adequate audience to write my posts to and the bigger the audience the better because this blog is meant to inspire plus sized ladies to leave a positive life and teach all women how to mix and match their outfits and also to generally love ourselves no matter what.
I am doing my bit (writing this post to you - so you can get an update about current issues related to this blog) and I would be pleased if you could support by following me.
Thank you so much to everyone who has visited this blog, moreover to those who always leave their feedback behind so that I can also grow and deliver great stuff on this blog. I love you so much guys.
Please, Enjoy your evening.
Thank you.


  1. I'll definitely be following Thulie. You have become one of my new favorite blogs! :-)

    1. Thank you so much Crystal, I really appreciate. Hope you are ready for this weeks theme STRIPES. Stay tuned, until then :)

  2. Hey Thulie! I've moved over to Bloglovin' just to follow you. I want to encourage you to keep posting because I love your blog! I didn't comment on the last couple of posts, but you are looking fabulous and I definitely inspired by what you're doing. Keep it up!!!

    1. Hey, Latonya! I am happy you are back and thank you so much for appreciating what I do - please leave your email behind I think proper communication between us is urgently needed because I am here to help you and everyone else in need, to be inspired to achieve own or similar goals. thank you gal.