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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cherry Red Dr Martens

Hi Ladies!!!
My car broke and had to go fix it in Kokstad. The weather was chilly and a bit rainy: the sister was forced to wear the Docs. Because its still summer here in South Africa, I was unsure how to wear them Docs as the weather was warm overall for the day due to volatile weather (cold and rainy in the morning and warmer in the afternoon). My choice of outfit had everything in cotton as it is a warm and cooler cloth when the weather decides to play such games. I had good company for the day and thats thanks to my friend Thandie who spent the day with mwah. Another highlight of the day was a very nice slice of cake we had in spur. mmmmmhhhhh: y'all need to go there and taste it yourselves to know what im talkin about :) 


Spur's chocolate cake
OUTFIT OF THE DAY: dress (woolworths): bought in 2008 on sale, jacket (woolworths): bought in 2010, earings (mr price): cant remember but very old,  watch: guess, belt (dunns): DECEMBER indulgence bargain R30 on sale from R100, bag: fossil, boots: dr marten usa
Tulz :)


  1. Lol!!! they are so goofy, comfy and so on point. u really shud get urself a pair if u are not owning one yet :)