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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Chubby Cartwheels - Bodysuit PART1

Good Evening, Guys!!!
I am excited about tonight's post because I am reviewing and styling an item from one of the talented Plus Size Designer and that would be Shawna Farmer.
Shawna is the face behind Chubby Cartwheels  an online shop selling awesome pieces for the plus size community. Her sizes range from 1X to 5X. This is comforting because she is not just designing for plus size but accommodates everyone else who normally doesn't get accommodated at usual clothing stores. That's awesome on its own :)
I have seen people wearing her velvet crop tops in plus size blogging world but never visited her store or knew about her - I always assumed whoever wore them bought them from the usual plus size shops from overseas. Maybe I never really paid attention becauese I knew at the back of my mind id never be able to get them as they are far.
 Surprisingly, a month ago Shawna approached me requesting a collaboration and I was gobsmacked realising she was the face behind the crop tops I always loved from other bloggers.
Ofcoz, I agreed and thanked her so much for approaching me. We discussed about what she can send me and debates carried on and on as I was in love with everything she designs even outfits that she designs for herself. Because our collaboration is continuous the pressure to decide subsided and came down to the bodysuit she is selling online and the bandeau also available in her store only because it is summer over her. Mesh bodysuit and the velvet bandeau seemed to be perfect choices for now.
For each piece of clothing she sent: I came up with 3 outfits for each (bodysuit and bandeau) - showing how fun and versatile her pieces are.
You will notice from my pictures that the bodysuit Shawna sent me is not the same as the one in her online shop - mine has got some sleeves and the online one is sleeveless. This is because, Shawna is a peoples designer. She is totally interested in making women look and feel good about themselves and that comes with feedback from the buyer on how they like a certain item to fit them and Shawna makes it possible.
In short, as much as Shawna sells clothes in her online store as they are shown - you have an option to customise designs as you wish for an example by adding sleeves on bodysuits or request longer length when buying her skater skirts. This service comes with a little of extra fee from the prices shown online.  This is great because at the end of the day you get your dream item and therefore, everyone wins :)
All I can say, this woman is super talented!!! She never saw me in person before but the sizes I estimated for her were spot on. I estimate sizes because my body can fit into anything ranging 16 to 24 depending on the design. Both piece were a perfect fit. So, if you tell her about your dynamics when shopping she surely can come with a perfect size for you. Her pieces are of high quality. The bodysuit is made from Mesh and the bandeau from Velvet. Excellent quality. 
My bodysuit size is 2x and the bandeau size is 1/2 and that fits anyone who wears size 14 up to size 24. Another option is 3/4 and that's for the ladies wearing size 24 - 32 or having larger bust so to say. I chose vibrant colours, its summer right? Plus they look great against my skin :)
This woman is down to earth and colourful. She has a great attitude and highly inspirational because she doesn't only designs these clothes but she wears them too (Stylish Momma. She also promotes that everyone gets comfortable with their body and actually appreciate and love them. As it is so difficult to do that nowadays with a highly judgemental society.
 I am humbled to work with this lady - it feels like ive known her for years and that is how approachable Shawna is.
You can check her and her designs on her facebook page , Chubby Cartwheels Facebook Page, Chubby Cartwheels Instagram -  she blogs too :) this is her blog, check it out!!! I will give you her Twitter and Tumblr Account links on my next post: I had a difficulty linking them in this one or you can voluntary check them for now, I am sorry :) 
If you see a beautiful, red haired and vibrant lady that's Shawna. Please do follow her on these social pages: few people care about plus size fashion and promotion of self love. Because she has started paving the way for us, lets support her 100% and meet her half way - please don't forget about her Awesome Online Shop - visit it and spoil yourself. You will never regret :)
Ok, as for styling the bodysuit: I guess you will have to see that yourself below - I enjoyed taking these pictures even though the weather was bad :)
2 more bodysuit outfits are coming soon .... enjoy :)
Bodysuit: Chubby Cartwheels 
Skirt: Mr Price
Heeled Pumps: Fashion Express
Scarf: Mr Price
Earings: Gift from Que
Bracelet: Truworths
Bag (Corbeau - Buffalo Leather) : Thrifted from Lehza Vintage

Thank you so much for visiting and reading this post.
I would highly appreciate hearing from you about how I have styled this bodysuit.
Again, Thank you so much!!!
Thulie :)


  1. You have assembled the bodysuit perfectly with the skirt. The accesories you picked made the entire outfit "Pop"!!! I love checking your blog.

    1. Thank you so much Paulette, I really appreciate :)

  2. Ohmagawd! That colour is so right for you and I think the bodysuit looks even better than usual with sleeves on.

    1. I think so too ... the sleeves are really spicing up this bodysuit and makes it more wearable too. Thanks Leah :)

  3. Thulisa you are simply gorgeous! I love this look on you and I adore the confidence you exude in every post! I look forward to reading all of your blog updates :)

  4. I love this sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! I must go check them out!!!! I would die for a Fluro pink one!! You look absolutely stunning!!

    1. Thanks Kate, I also think that fluro pink would suit you - go ahead and make the purchase :)

  5. That's amazing T, congrats on the collab. You have styled this bodysuit amazingly esp for the working girl..which is most of us. My lil sis is a plus size lady- so I'll pass on the online shop details.

    1. Great, please refer her she wont regret - thank MissB :)