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Monday, 27 January 2014

Indian Maxi Dress

Hello .. Hello, my fab friends :)
There is nothing much I wanna say with this post other than telling rather confirming to you that Maxi Dresses are my go to this summer as I have recently been posting outfits with maxi skirts or maxi dresses.
I really am rocking them maxi's at work just like in this outfit. I love love love them .... they really suit my comfortable and relaxed style and my bald is really spicing everything, lol :)
Are Maxi Dresses your cup of tea??? They better be or else you really are missing out :) 

Dress: Indian Shop
Bag: Guess
Sunglasses (Tom Ford): Sunglass Hut
Hat: Woolworths
Earings: Mr Price
Watch: American Swiss
Bracelet: American Swiss
Shoes: Woolworths
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving feedback for me: I really appreciate, thanks!!!
Thulie :)


  1. Gorgeous my huny. This blue is perfect on you. I love Maxi anything...the flowiness..Love

  2. U got me in love with maxi skirts and dresses!

    1. I am happy I affected you - dig your closet and take many pictures and share with us on your page or instagram :)

  3. This dress is gorgeous! I don't think I've seen a colour that doesn't suit you yet! :)

    1. thanks, I hope there are not because I love exploring all rainbow colours :)

  4. Babe you look stunning! you're rocking that baldy locks look, making me miss my chiskop days :D The dress looks stunning on you. I also have those sunnies, you know what they say about great minds lol

    1. I know exactly what they say :) thank you so much for the compliment, by the way you can still join the bald movement :)

  5. Oh my gosh, this dress! The color is absolutely gorgeous on you, first off. And the textured fabric and beaded seem so luxurious. But the cut and sleeveless style keep it casual and wearable for day. Such a great look on you!