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Sunday, 25 November 2012


 Good Afternoon, TFAF family!!!
I am back soon this time around for the new post :) I hope everyone is enjoyin their Sunday. I am itching to share pictures of how my Saturday went like yesterday. I went to Blue Mountains for site seeing, yey!!!! It is a third time visiting the area and I should say that Blue Mountains (Katoomba) has not failed to amaze me. I think what makes my trips interesting is that - in all of them I have gone with different people who always bring diversity and really spice things up in these random visits. This time around I was with my fabulous friends Gill, Evelyn, Nina and Gomez.
Our first stop was Leura, a small town near Katoomba. We drove early and we needed breakfast or should I say "Brunch" because it was a little bit past breakfast time. After finding parking, we walked down the street and SURPRISE ... it was a Saturday Market Morning :) Mmmm, Leura Market sold the following and more.
Used Books
Vintage Clothes and Frames
Homemade Candles -
WOW, their scent was wonderful: we couuld not stop sniffing them. You would also bet that they were edible - especially when u see those nuts on top.
Homemade Dips and Jams -
I could not help myself, I had to buy three bottles. It was a good deal plus I love homemade products. I took Brinjal Kasundi (spread and dip) - Lemon and Ginger Jam and Whisky Marmalade. I have already tried all this morning :)
They smell and taste just exactly as I envisaged.
 After shopping from the market we made our way to a nearby Supermarket and coffee shop to gather everything we needed for our brunch. I just love how Leura town is planned. Everything is within reach as a result we ate our brunch in their  lovely BLOOME PARK meters away from the coffee shop.
 Few feet away from the Coffee Shop we came across this chair in front of a small clothing store I think. What is written on it is very Hilarious I should say...

 Had to sit on this chair and take a close up of what is written. Very Witty :)
Whilst my friends were making their way to a sitting area under the shade I was busy taking pictures completely forgotten about hunger and beautiful food I was about to nibble. This is where we ate our brunch.
 After seating down and start devouring on that food - pictures were all forgotten ... When my senses were back for camera love, I managed to take only these left overs of what we had. Bad thing is that I could not take my coffee as it fell whilst making our way to the park (THE CUP WITH GRASS ON THE TABLE) but other options were available so - noone died due to this unfortunate event BUT I WANTED IT :(
 Me, Myself and I pumped up in Blue Mountains
 Lovely ladies (Nina, Me, Evelyn and Gill) and camera man Gomez
Me and Eve
 Directions to the Lookouts
 Queen Elizabeth LookOut: Three Sisters behind us
 My Friends blocking the view of Three Sisters, lol
 Three Sisters behind me: Yey!!! They are really beautiful.
 Opposite Three Sisters
 Our Stop at Scenic World: Gomez
 Eve mimicking the man statue

 I needed some love from this woman - forced hug wont hurt, would it??? Lol

We took the cableway appreciating beautiful landscapes of Blue Mountain
 We drove 12km's from Blue Mountains to Fairfax just to take a walk in the bushes to see the Govett's Leap Waterfalls
 We came across this beautiful flower the WARATAH ... which is the family of the Protea. I could not resist taking its picture.
 After walking for about 20minutes from the Fairfax sign board - we arrived at this lookout area with beautiful mountains 
 Continuing walking for 5 to 10 minutes we arrived at the 2nd Lookout with the WATERFALL

This was a bit disappointing I should say - the waterfall is not as big as I expected. From my previous trips to Blue mountain area I never came to Fairfax as there are many choices of what to do. So, this was the interesting part of this trip for me. I am not sure whether over the other side of the mountain the waterfall gets better. Regardless, this is what we had to see :(
This is how we all felt like after the entire day's activities but the visit to the mountains was WORTH IT!!!
My outfit for the day was:
Dress from Target $25, Pretty Polly Tights: 60 denier from Myers $18, Shoes:Vans Skater Hi-Tops from Asos: $95, Cardigan from Sussan $30, Bag: Fossil $250, Sunglasses: Raybans Aviators $280, Watch: Fossil white ceramic bracelet $220, Water bottle from UNSW post office $10, Headband from Mr Price $2, Bangle from Target $7

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