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Sunday, 18 November 2012


A month ago I was spotted in an African-Women-Dinner-Dance-Australia event by a model scout a.k.a. coordinator for Africa Konnect. She approached me asking if ever I wanted to join their team of models for their upcoming fashion show. I must say I was gobsmacked as I never really thought I could be ever be a model, let alone have people looking at me and thinking I am good enough to be one. After African-Women-Dinner-Dance-Australia I just had happy thoughts and became more curious as to how do plus size models normally look and what type of clothes do they showcase. I guess I was looking for something to associate myself with as I always SEE MYSELF FAT and always negative about it even though I am everyday fighting my struggles to stay healthy, positive and look fabulous. To cut the story short I should say, eversince I gave myself a second chance cause I am no longer doubting I am beautiful and that I have a lot to offer to women going through the same issues as me. Moreover, I have a beautiful family, partner and friends who love me dearly.
I hope who ever will be reading this post and going through the same struggles of self love will also realise that we are our own worst enemies because when one is happy with themselves that self love and confidence shines through and in such instances it becomes easy for other people to do the same to one. This is a real disease living within us plus size beings. I say NO to SELF LOATHING ... and YES to SELF LOVE. I am saying this aware how difficult it is to break the existing toxic habit. I am a living proof of that because as far as I can remember I have always had this LOVE/HATE relationship with myself. Many people would never agree with what I have just said because they know and see me as this POSITIVIE DIVA who loves herself so much regardless of weight and looks.

Now that I have tapped on this issue I am realising that I have always used fashionnable clothes as a weapon to make people look at me better and respect me. I should say I have got them fooled in many occassions to think I am happy whilst I was actually unhappy with myself for whatever reason. Its so unfortunate that sometimes in those instances I would not see anything beautiful about me and the clothes I'd be wearing. It is clear that the road to SELF FREEDOM & LOVE is never a short cut but its a possible one to take as long as one is willing to endure hicups the journey brings and continue fighting to stay positive.

I currently stay positive by going to the gym, eating healthy, getting out of my house, surround myself with positive people and take loads of pictures to reflect on each days activities. Id I suggest all of you to do the same. This blog is also meant to inspire all of you as im writing about my deepest personal issues but I prefer doing just that because this entire exercise ensures I stay positive and continue to love myself.
Ok, back to modelling news ... yesterday 17 November 2012 ... my day to strut on Africa Konnect runway came and was FANTASTIC so ill write up another post when I have pictures to show. Below I have attached the photo's of myself at the African-Women-Dinner-Dance-Australia .... where I was scouted as a model. Cheers for now ... Please stay positive and YES to SELF LOVE.
 This is the conception stage  of the entire outfit for the  African-Women-Dinner-Dance-Australia ... because I did not bring any traditional outfits from home South Africa I had no choice but to rock the beads accesories I have in my closet. To do that I had to think of the way that could be classy and stylish.  
 The headgear bead is actually a necklace but decided to wore it around my head to spice up my outfit and the fact that I had this funky haircut  a girl did what had to be done to look good. This plan really worked and many people complemented me on that evening.

 Side view of my cut and the headgear
 Front view of my beautiful cute face 
 Side view of my haircut and headgear bead
 Me and my close friends from Rwanda
 Best Friend Nadine Shema
 Are you kidding me, the event was African-Women-Dinner-Dance-Australia ...Ladies had to dance!!
 On the dance floor with my other lovely African Australian ladies.
This is howI looked overall. Had no camera to take pictures but when you have good friends that is nothing to worry about. Bought the dress ($120) and Shoes ($70) at Myers it is a Yarra Trail. Bag thrifted from Vinnies for $5 and Beads mix from home and from Lovisa .... Hope you have enjoyed this post :)
Please leave behind comment/feedback... id like to hear from you as well. Stay positive people. Until next time. Cheers ...