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Saturday, 10 November 2012


The day me and my friends waited for, finally came "yipppeeeee". Its non other than the MAKEOVER DAY and Makeup Lesson from Mary Kay. I consider myself as a light makeup user. All I care about is skin care more than having a huge concentration on makeup as a result thats why I use and consider makeup as my toner and moisturiser... oh, also my Mascarra ofcoz not forgetting my compressed powder from M.A.C. COSMETICS... and also my lip gloss. So, today I hugely benefitted from the lecture and product testing as I discovered there's more to makeup than just that. Ive never used any foundation like the one thats liquid form, concealer, eye revitalizer etc etc.... Four of my friends came over for the session and we had a blast. It was a nice session and the Representative from Mary Kay was patient with us and fully explained everything she could and allowed us to try some products. So, I should say I kinda went wild as I said before I dont normally wear makeup and if I do I usually go nuetral. Today, was just a day for me to break the boundaries and see what colour makeup can do for me and my skin type. I was just the 80s icon "being bright all the way" without holding back..... My friends kinda gave me a hard time saying, that was too much but it was enough for me to show off as I immediately got inspired to head to the cinema later on. Ok, at the cinema we (me and my other friend) watched THE BACHELORETTE and it is a MUST WATCH MOVIE!!! Here is the movie trailer ... check it out Bachelorette Trailer. Below I have attached the makeup session's fun pictures. If you happen to have any questions email or write in the comments box ill reply back as soon as possible. Thank you MaryKay for today*** and all of you please Enjoy!!!! Cheers :)


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