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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The journey that started on a very low key is definately ending with a high note as from today :)
Today was a special day for me as I was graduating on my 2 Masters program (Master of Epideniolody/Biostatistics and Master of Health Management). I am so happy, cant believe the journey is over!!!! Ok, enough bout serious stuff. Im writing this post to share my outfit for the graduation. I had plenty of fun putting it together. So enjoy the snaps ive attached to this post. Please give feed back. Thank you. Cheers. 
I really love my hair cut its fun n funky and goes well with all styles you can think of. That smile is golden yet priceless ... Earings are from Lovisa got them for $15.
The velvet biker jacket im wearing is from thrift for 10 bucks. It fits me very well and its glam short sleeves actually short everything and has a good stretch feel.

 I used Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss ... its just a pink shade. Nothing else, thats it. I love this lipgloss it stays for longer and its affordable. Got it from Coles Supermarket for $12.

 My nice jewel ring is from Mr Price in South Africa .. i think i bought it for $1 equivalent to 8rands.

 My very nice bangle that goes with everthing in my closet is definately from my mothers closet ... yes it is very vintage and very beautiful. I am happy moms handed it to me. Great treasure!!!

 Close up of my ring
 Close up of my bangle
 Thats my thrifted leather bag made in India got it for $5.
 My KG Pansy Espadrille wedges were bought from ASOS for $76 and that was a half price. They are no longer available. They sold out.

 Its a comfortable leather wedge. Good for a night out not to stress the feet. Actually I am a huge fan of wedges :) Love them love them love them too much!!!!!!

 Accesories for my Graduation Ceremony
 Qualified Epidemiologist a.k.a. Biostatician
 With a friend
 With a friend
 Cheers to completion!!!
 With a friend
 With a classmate and friends
 Graduation outfit: dress from ASOS for $40
Graduation outfit
                                                               Graduation outfit
Thank you for your support. Please leave feedback behind. Thank you!!!!!!! 


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