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Friday, 9 November 2012

Keeping Fit Whilst Embracing One's Curves

When I came across this picture on Thick Females Are Beautiful it reminded me how important it really is to keep fit even if we celebrate our curves. I feel so guilty because I have not been to the gym this entire week. My excuse would be that, i was having a busy week with my Research Project but is this excuse good enough to keep me away from the gym facility? I certainly dont think so. It is sadening as well when I think of all the crap I have been shoving down my throat this entire week. When I am stressed out and under pressure I tend to eat more than usual (thats constant snacking on savoury snacks as I dont have a sweet tooth). I have been eating my Lite and Easy food package However, now that im recalling ... I actually managed to sneak in some chicken wings and packet of barberque Shapes Biscuits and more ofcoz :( So, how do I redeem myself from this bad habit of ending up toping my healthy diet with rubbish???? Please help!!! Its not like I enjoy the things I endup eating instead I just become disgusted and left feeling with guilt moreover unhappy. I guess, I a writing this essay because I am feeling guilty and I am seeking to get my control back because at the moment I feel powerless. Going to Fitness First will be my 1st step tomorrow morning. I would be happy if you can give your advice as well. Tulz*

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