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Friday, 23 November 2012


Good evening, TFAF family!
Today actually I should say this entire week I have just realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by wonderful people in mylife. In this post I am introducing to you my pillars. I am talking about people who always have my back when days are very dark. Each of these ladies are not just friends but my family ... my sisters from other beautiful mothers of this earth. I dont know how my life would be without them #FOR REAL.
The beauty of it all, we are all Christians and believe that Yehova's Kingdom is key and should be given the attention and priority it deserves. The message I am sending by this post is that we should all count our blessings more often and actually mention them so that those who are involved can know their worth in our lives. Moreover, when doing that exercise we need to ensure the blessings we count do not only contain material things but include important things like family, friends and mostly knowing the power of being Yehova's child.
I love being fabulous and all things this earth can offer but hey, there's more to life than just that. Thats a reality check we need to always keep in our mind.
I LOVE YOU all my dear Sistaz!!! I am blessed and humbled to have you as part of my life. I hope I bring the same value to your lives or even more as you do to mine. "FOWARD FOREVER ... BACKWARD NEVER" - that is exactly what we need to do because we already have something good going on, lol...
Enjoy your weekend friends. Stay positive & blessed. Cheers!!!!
 Phumla Dlamini
 Sandy Ntuli
 Yolanda Belani
 Sindi Zakwe
 Pam Sotsaka
 Sara Perreira
 Que Madikizela
 Kelz Mokomane
 Nyams Notshweleka
 Thando Mbatha
Thandie Gxono

Nobeh Memela

Nadine Shema

Elizabeth Kpozehouen
Once more, thank you so much LADIES *kisses and hugs 4all of you*
Stay Blessed, TFAF family ... until next time!


  1. You are trust blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people... I bet you as an amazing friend as well:-). Love the beautiful pics on your blog. Can't wait to see more!!

    1. Thank you for visiting the page Super Career Mom ... Mostly, thank you for leaving your feedback ... I highly appreciate!!! Ill definately keep the page interesting with more beautiful pictures and more stories to tell... See you soon. Thank you :)