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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Turban and 80s inspired

Good Morning, Fab Ladies!!!
This post is about my yesterdays outfit. Wokeup not sure what to wear to work as I slept very late the previous night and was not keen in the morning to even wakeup. When fixing my hair after bathing I realised two single braids have come out in front of my hair. To be specific they came out from the fringe. That really pushed me off the wall as I lack skills to make or fix hairstyles.
As I was running out of time I immediately thought of a turban as a cover up for my problem which also made me think of this 80s Styled jacket. Because I knew I have this explosion of colour it became obvious that everything else must be a solid colour which im my case is BLACK. With accesories, I wanted to do gold but opted for white because I love taking risks (am saying this because I always wear this jacket with gold accesories and I needed to explore other colours). 
What do you prefer? Gold or White accesories?
So you know, this outfit is a hit for me because I received many compliments at work and around town even from strangers. For people who know me ... I am not sure if they complimented because they are not used to me in a head gear. Regardless, I am thrilled with the outcomes of this ensemble.
What do you think of the entire outfit? Hit or a Miss and Why? 
For a fully detailed tutorial on how to wear a turban check out Miss Bs blog by clicking here.

Dress and earings: MrPrice, Scarf (worn as a turban): Pick'n Pay, Jacket: Thrift, Hudson Antique Boots: Zandos, Stalkings: Asos, Sunglasses (TomFord): Sunglass Hut, Watch: Fossil, Bag: Dudu from London, Necklace: gift from a friend 

Enjoy your holiday ladies:
 Cheers, Tulz!!!


  1. Pretty! I know that braid struggle and even though I have about 10 scarves I still can't tie a good turban.

    1. Thank you Noms, I think im going to be addicted by Turbans this Winter because its a good excuse to look good and feel warm at the same time. Miss B has a fully detailed tutorial on how to master wearing and tying up a turban. Check it out here on this link -
      Am sure you will find it helpful :)

  2. You look fab as usual. That jacket is toooo cute for words.
    The turban is also my bad hair day remedy; and it never disappoints.

  3. I love this look! You look classy and fashionable. Keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much Latonya, I really try and surely will keep it up.


  4. Gorgeous! That black dress fits you perfectly. I tend to prefer gold jewelry, and almost always its metals (rather than beads/stones/etc).

    1. Thanx gal, also love gold jewelery and pearls too.

  5. Gorgeousness and I am in absolute love with this outfit
    !!! :)

  6. Great outfit! Nice to meet you!

  7. Hey hun I don't know you but your photo has stirred a bit of controversy on fb. I just want to say I think you are a beautiful, sexy and confident black woman. Too many times our own sisters put us down. Never seeing the good and only finding flaws. Keep doing your thing boo. You look gorgeous hun and don't let a hater tell you anything different. Peace Goddess

  8. I just saw your picture on Facebook and couldn't help but visit your blog.
    I think you are absolutely STUNNING !!
    Like Kei Gii said on the above comment your pic caused much debate and some people want to focus on your weight in a negative manner. Let's ignore them and let's focus on how confident and beautiful you are.