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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Good evening guys :)
I am happy I am writing this post because I have a couple of pictures to share with you on what really happened the previous weekend BUT this post is about my Friday outfit.
I bought this spiked up jacket during Mr Price challenge and everytime I wear it I dont seem to remember taking pictures to share with you. I was really begining to think that this jacket is cursed or has some kind of bad spell on it. Lol ....
Ok, on this very friday I was just very lucky I remembered to take some when I visited the switchboard office on my way out for the weekend. I asked an old lady whom I care and adore so much to help out. She had some challenges focussing the camera as a result I ended up with blurry pictures and the ones accompanying this post.
Regardless, I love these pictures because I  have accomplished my mission to share a picture with this fabulous jacket and I think it blended well with my floral Pick'nPay dress.
What do you think???  
Jacket and Ring: Mr Price, Dress: Pick'nPay, Shoes (Levis): Present from a friend, Earings: Present from a friend, Watch: Guess
Cheers for now...
Tulz :)

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