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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Hey, hey Fab Ladies!!!

On Friday afternoon, I travelled to Mount Ayliff to visit my friend Thandi and also to go to a funeral. On saturday, we went to the funeral and later went to Kokstad to run some errands and also have a scrumptuos supper. We had a lot of fun and this is what I wore as it was chilly. I mixed all these beautiful bright colors for a cold and dark winter night and it felt awesome. I had some gloves on but I took them out when we had to eat at Wimpy and when we were taking these pictures after eating all that fabulosity was totally forgotten. How bad :(

Hope this outfit makes sense to you as it does to me. Would you rock these many colours at a go???

Jacket: Thrift, Dress and Necklace: Mr Price, PullOver: Foschini, Stalkings: Asos, Sneakers (Levi's) and earings: friends present to me

Thandi Gxono my gorgious friend
Cheers guys...
Tulz :) 


  1. Cute look! I really love how the pink and blue play off of each other.

    1. Tnx Noms, I was really a bright winter tree that night. I love bright colours. Because no one commented before your comment I almost really thought I lost the point with this outfit lol, joking ... ill forever stay true to my style :)
      I really loved this ensemble as well coz really, these bright colours compliment each other and the entire outfit is super cute. Cheers :)

  2. Replies
    1. ATF...ATF, happy that you landed in my world. Hope when you read this reply you will also just follow me. Ofcoz ill do the same when you are all set up with your own. Thanx homeboy :)