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Monday, 6 May 2013

Popping Knit with Parka

Hi, Ladies!
Thought I would drop by and send pictures of my Saturday outfit. The highlight is my Parka Jacket and my Pink Beanie which are major winter assets right now, mostly for weekends. They immediately give one, that casual and laid back look suitable for weekends.
I Love the pop of colour from my beanie because it really lights up my face especially because it was a bloody cold Saturday. I really needed that :)
What are your current winter must have's???
Do you normally wear Beanie Hats in Winter and Whats your take on them?

Beanie: Truworths, Parka Jacket and Earings: Mr Price, Dress and Bangle: Target (Australia), Stalkings: Woolworths, Shoes: Brogues HiTop , Bag and Watch: Guess 

Cheers, Ladies!!!
Tulz :)


  1. I love the Parka jacket..its a must have. I have to learn to rock a beanie esp in a bright colour. I'm more of a turban type of girl.

    1. Im experimenting at the moment because Im not used to any kinds of hats. Im currently just having an attitude of why not? Am sure you will find it in you to explore beanie world as well - we have got nothing to loose.Right? Love em Turbans too because my efforts were successful in my last post. Tnx to your tutorial. Cheers MissB