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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Curves Around the World: Sweatpants

Hey, guys!!!
You know what it is - its Curves Around the World Weekly Themed post and this weeks theme is SWEATPANTS!!!
I must admit that I suggested this weeks theme because I wanted us to explore how to wear sweatpants out side the gym and still feel fashionable and stylish for a casual look on a Saturday or anyday really. My interest came from seeing some bloggers and fashionistas rocking this trend from all over the globe with heels, pumps or sneakers. I wanted justified motivation to try them out because I barely wear pants and this year has been a trial but a good one!!!
This is my 3rd attempt of SWEATPANTS - here and here are my successful attempts: check them out, am sure you will love them :)
You will notice that this posts pictures are not recent because I no longer have my wonderful red braids but these are pictures that never made it to the blog but were taken 2 weeks ago and have come to rescue me now as I am currently busy to take new ones with my current hairstyle. Sorry about that :)
I wore this outfit on a Saturday and love it because its a comfortable outfit with sneakers and all. I love comfortable clothes and these kind of outfits are the best ones to run some errands in. I guess, this is another reason why I wanted to trial this theme!!!
These pictures are a testimony for my love of taking pictures anytime and anywhere. Here, was already a very late afternoon but I insisted on taking these pictures outside when the sun was already gone. I think in the presence of the sun these could have been much better but this is, what it is :)
How do you feel about styling up SWEATPANTS???
Sweatpants: Foschini (Instinct)
Tshirt: Mr Price
Jacket: Thrifted
Scarf: Thrifted
Sneakers: Superga (HouseOfHolland) from ASOS
Earings: MrPrice
Purse: Online Thrifting from LehzaVintage
Bracelets: Pep Stores
Watch: Guess
Playing Around with the Harem Pants crotch area, lol :)  

Please check out my lovely friends from around the world how they have interpreted this weeks theme - SWEATPANTS!!!
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Jen (Germany): Dressing These Curves
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Nina (USA): Curvy Mod
 Helen (England): Everyone Should Sparkle
Thank you for visiting my page and for reading this post - I appreciate that a lot: thank you!!!
Thulie :)


  1. I like how the sweatpants, are almost a harem style.

  2. I love dressed up sweats- they so chic.

  3. I knew if anyone could do it you would make sweatpants look glam! Good Job girl! I wish I could have done the same but I didn't any any anywhere near as stylish as you! :) xx

    1. lol, I mix everything up and wait for your feedback: thanks, Im really humbled - you are stylish too :)

  4. Before this challenge I was thinking sweats were just for casual couch time and working out; I was wrong :)

    Love that scarf.

  5. Thulie first of thanks for suggesting this theme, I really enjoyed it, it really pulled me out of my comfort zone but I really liked it and I think might wear sweats outside more often! :) But yeah I knew you would do an amazing job, your outfit looks fab! That jacket and the scarf really add so much to the outfit, I love how you style scarves!


  6. I like the casual comfy vibe and you definitely made the trousers work for you. They look very much like leggings in a cropped hareem style which I've not seen before so it's cool to see something different. You look very happy and confident in these photos. It's really nice :)

  7. You go girl!!!

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