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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Minnetonka Double Fringed Boots

 Good Evening, guys!!!
Just before changing my hair into my current fringed bob - I took many pictures that ill continue sharing here for you from my last red braids. I hope you wont mind seeing different styles posted one after the other. Its towards festive holidays and there is plenty to do at work and that keeps me from having regular posts for you but all of that will soon be sorted.
I bought a pair of Minnetonka Double Fringed boots during winter and I am surprised to realise they never made it to here. This is my first post wearing them. Our current weather is really weird and boring - I hate cold and rain and that's what has been happening over here even though its officially SUMMER. So, I wore this pair on a casual Friday at work as the weather was colder in the morning. I wanted to achieve that boho chic look I guess, cause I was wearing on of my tan fossils sling bags :) 
Anywho, I had fun wearing them for the 4th time even when the sun shined brighter in the afternoon. Buying these shoes on line is such a pain because you get different reviews about them from one customer to the other. It is worse for me as I have funny issues with sizing. I am a size 5 especially for closed shoes and that changes with open shoes like sandals as I go for UK 5.5 or 6 depending on the fit and availability of the other. So, its stressful buying shoes in stores and much of a pain on line cause you are just risking it: hoping for the best as reviews from other confuse me enormously.
Short story is that - I am happy my heart told me to chose UK5 and its perfect on my perfect short foot, lol   :) These boots are comfy and stylish - it serve perfect versatility on any woman's closet. love them too much :)
If you are not currently owning a pair of Minnetonka - you are really missing out on great walking shoes to spice up your wardrobe. I urge you to reconsider, you wont regret :) 
Yeah, its Minnetonka Baby *much love*
Dress: Ginger Mary
Cardie: Truworths
Boots: Minnetonka (online)
Sunglasses: TomFord
Bracelets: Fashion World

Thank you for visiting my page - I really appreciate :)
Cheers :)