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Saturday, 2 November 2013


Hey guys,
Hope you all enjoying your weekend. Just wanna share with you my todays outfit and live you with this message. Accepting and loving ones self is very much vital because it gives you satisfaction and peace of mind: ALWAYS!!! This applies to everyone: THICK or THIN
There's always rules, perceptions and attitudes towards what FAT PEOPLE must or must not wear and that upsets me because why cant we be given freedom of wearing what we feel like and just be accepted as we are instead of being trapped in a box. We are as smart and creative like everyone else breathing in this planet. Why are we treated as if we are just dumb souls who cant make sensible decisions concerning our wardrobes? Who doesn't know that they should look a certain way when in different situations??? Whats more upsetting is the fact that we have limited options and yet have to be told what to do as if things that are being suggested are always within reach. I struggle finding clothes and getting someone telling me what not to wear is just devastating.
As a result of all this: We FAT people are expected to look a certain way and if we are non compliant to this then we are regarded TRASHY. Well, you can call me trashy as much as you want - if I feel good and see myself looking great when looking at my mirror - the rest is history. Ofcoz, I would never get out of my house not ensuring I look decent. When people see me around the streets they give me some stares *which I love* :) because many fat people are less confident to spice up their looks to their satisfaction and this is due to media and society that have prisoned them in a boring box. ME on the other side I REFUSE to fall into that trap because I love dressing up. I look around the world of fashion and get inspired to wear what I feel like because is not a crime to do so.
I hope this post inspires many FAT WOMEN out there to break the chain of imprisonment and liberate themselves into a great world of style and fashion without doubts and regrets for exploring looks that they have been aspiring to wear.  
This is me TODAY and I am LOVING MY OUTFIT :)
I haven't worn pants for more than 8 years now because I hated how I looked because I am fat - right now, I am all grown up and understand even though I am fat and struggling to lose this weight I am allowed to wear what I like when I need to: REGARDLESS of my weight. Whilst figuring my way on how to lose this weight, I must not punish myself and not live and lead a positive life I need for myself because not everything is about how much I weigh. So, I am embracing me as I am and people like GarnerStyle, KellieB, the_ms_supa_thickk and others are great examples for many women in my position to do themselves at all times.
What are you scared of wearing in public??? When do you think you'll free yourself? Think about that :)
Jacket: Thrifted
Sweatpant: Woolworths
T-Shirt: Mr Price
Sneakers: Converse
Back Pack: Mr Price
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Pep Stores
Earings: Mr Price
Playful me :)

Thank you so much for visiting and reading this post - it means a lot to me.  I love hearing from you so please leave your feedback behind. Thank you :)
Thulie :)


  1. This look is so chic and right on trend with the Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Also thank you for the wonderful message- we all have some part of bodies that we judge and find difficult to accept.
    You are amazing- XO

  2. Such a wonderful post, Thulie! Beauty prescriptives and judgement dressed as "concern" can die for all I care. I love the online community of fat women doing great sartorial AND creative things. I love the incredible community of women period.

    Also, I'm still sad I missed out of that backpack when it came out.

    x Nomali

    1. Thank you Noms, we all need to continue advocating for ourselves cause no one is gonna do it for us - last time I checked they had another version available online, check it out :)

  3. Loving the fierceness of this look! The Converse are amazing!

    1. Thank you Leah, I really tried to put it all out :)

  4. You look fierce as usual Thulie. Now because of you I am about to wear my MM shirt today !

    1. LOL, Please do wear it and make a post - I love animated tshirts or sweaters - thanx :)

  5. Dude your outfit is the coolest! Loving that Jacket, and your hair.

  6. Amazing message Thullie! You look fabulous in those pants, great message to all of us xo xo