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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Curves Around The World: Maxi

Good Morning friends!!!
I apologise for neglecting you this past week, I really have been very busy! I promise to take extra care of you from now on ... I know, my apology is accepted cause you all are sweet lovies :)
Its Wednesday and you know what that means for you ...... CATW Outfits, yey!!!! This weeks theme is MAXI - and that means a lot of things for an example Maxi Dress, Sweater or Maxi Skirt etc. So, its more of, come up with your own thing - kinda thing!!!
The boring old me has chosen a Maxi dress I bought 2yrs back in Australia at an Indian shop in Bondi Beach Junction Westfield called Tree Of Life. This dress is summery and springy!!! Light, colourful and airy ... its exactly what I need to survive a warm/hot weather.  I wore this Outfit last Sunday and all these pictures are taken in Durban after having had breakfast where I slept. I was preparing to head to my church meetings and later have lunch at Pavilion Mall before heading home.
I received many compliments and therefore think this a nice version of maxi!!! What Maxi Are you rocking at this time of the year where you at??? Do you love Maxi's as much as I do? I hope so, they are so free and flowy :)

Dress: Tree of Life
Bolero: Woolworths
Belt: Studio W
Sandals: Woolworths
Earings: Mr Price
Neckpiece: Fashion World
Bangles: Lovisa, Mr Price & Truworths
Watch: Guess

Please check out my lovely friends from around the world how they have interpreted this weeks theme - MAXI!!! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin, Pinterest, BeauCoo, Tumblr and Instagram. I promise to follow back when you do :)
Aislynn (Denmark): Aislynn's World
Kate (Australia): SparklesandLace 
Nina (USA): CurvyMOD
Helen (England): EveryoneShoulsSparkle
Thank you for popping in and leaving feedback behind for me.
Thulie :)


  1. You look amazing Thulie! The dress is gorgeous.

  2. I love that dress hun.. U r forgiven for neglecting us :)

    1. Thanx Busie, I really appreciate, thanx for forgiving me: im back iwaya waya :)

  3. I love this colour on you!! This dress is so cute and I love the shrug! You look wonderful! Why are you so photogenic? Unfair!! :) Great choice!!

    1. Oh, you are so kind - thank you so much girl: I really love red/oxblood :)

  4. You look gorgeous Thulie, I love the colors of your maxi and how it has a ombre effect! I have to say that second photo of you on the top is stunning, I agree with Kate you are so photogenic, I wish I could be like that! But yeah I your maxi is great, I love how it's high-low style, you look great as usual! :)


    1. Thank you so much Nina - I am really humbled :)

  5. The colour is great and really looks fab. This dress fits so well. I really like it, and the hairstyle too!

  6. Ooo, I love the color bleed on this dress--festive, yet classy--very nice combination. It looks great on you. Does the dress naturally hug so nicely, or is the belt doing that for you? Either way, great outfit :)