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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Curves Around the World: Week21 - Pink

Good Morning, Fabulous Friends!!!!
Its ROUND3 of Curves Around The World themed outfits. This Weeks theme is Pink. One of our members Nina came up with this theme because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am glad she suggested  because we have to honour and support this awareness campaign. So, this post is dedicate to all those who did not make it, the survivors, fighters and also serves as an education to those who do not know their status to encourage asap testing. 
I have seen plenty of bloggers educating their readers about Breast Cancer in total and I am happy about this because the more we talk about Breast Cancer many lives will be saved and empowered.
I wore this outfit at work this Monday. It was very hot and my dress is strappy and sleeveless - therefore, I had to cover up to protect my skin from the sun and hide my thick arms as sometimes I don't feel comfortable showing them.
Have you done your part to contribute towards Breast Cancer Awareness??? If you have not, please do something cause its the right thing to do :)

Dress: Woolworths
Shawl/Poncho: Thrifted
Heeled Pumps: Fashion Express
Sling Bag (worn as a clutch): Lehza Vintage
Sunglasses: TomFord - Sunglass Hut
Bangles: Pep Stores
Watch: Fossil

Please check out my lovely friends from around the world how they have interpreted this weeks theme - Pink!!! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin, Pinterest, BeauCoo, Tumblr and Instagram. I promise to follow back when you do :)
 Helen (England): EveryoneShouldSparkle
Aislynn (Denmark): Aislynn's World
Kate (Australia): SparklesandLace
Nina (USA): Curvy Mod
Thank you for popping in and leaving feedback behind for me.
Thulie :)


  1. Great colour on you and I love that clutch!

    It looks so sunny and warm there!

    1. Thanx, gal!!! Its still spring and I was just lucky on this specific day to get the full shine...its still very cold most days and its surprising cause we are left with one month to announce summer for the weather not be warming up.

  2. Found you through Aislynn's blog, and I absolutely love your style, especially your amazing hairstyles and bold color choices! This look is so glam and makes me want to pull my ponchos out of storage for some wear this fall!


    1. Thank you so much Liz, I really appreciate: you better take out those poncho and rock them :)

  3. Pink is your colour huny- the lips the dress..all fab.

  4. LOVE this outfit!! The shawl is gorgeous! xx

  5. The shawl is so great, I really think I need one of those because I don't like to show my arms off all the time too and it's seems so handy for hot days where you can't wear a jacket, I am on the look out for one of those for next summer! :) But yeah your outfit looks great as always Thulie, I love your heels, I love how you mixed in a print through your shoes. :)


  6. I'm not a big fan of pink, but I have to say it looks great on you -- and of course, it's for a good cause :) Big fan of those shoes, though, they're fantastic - the outfit works on so many levels. You have such a great sense of how to pose for your pictures, you look wonderful :)

  7. You look gorgeous Thulie !

  8. I love your outfit!!! That pink dress really suits you and your figure. The shawl is just gorgeous! You look beautiful!