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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Curves Around The World: Week 6 - Colour Blocking

Good Morning, fabulous fashionistas!!!
You all know that, it is that time of the week for "The Themed Outfits" with my beautiful lady friends who are from all over the world. I must say I am happy I came across these girls in the bloggerville world. I am really loving these themed outfit exercises as they really challenge me and it feels good when I succeed doing them.
This weeks theme is COLOUR BLOCKING and by far it is the most that has really challenged me as I never tried the trend before. I really tried my best so you need to cut me some slack and forgive all discrepancy identified.

At first I thought id do royal blue and yellow but I recently had posted an outfit with yellow accents and it felt wrong to be using the same colours for this theme. Pink came to my rescue.
I wore this outfit to work on Monday and it got highly windy and very cold after taking these pictures. Thank god my mink jacket saved me. My hat is a recent purchase from Alwal North Foschini. Got it from the sale sold for R199.00 and I got it for R120.00. So, I just had to wear it this day although weather did not approve. I cared less, I just needed to wear it. You know when you have bought something new - you get excited and itch to wear it #that's how I felt: the wind was never gonna stop me at all, lol. 
Please enjoy this post cause I really made an effort putting everything together. Taking these pictures was really fun as I jumped around posing. I must say I love the pictures, they are a great translation of how I was that day. I really thank my colleague Ntembi for being patient with me even when the weather sucked.  She really is an awesome photographer - am lucky to have her :)

The only principle I know about colour blocking is that, one should not use more than 3 colours when putting together a colour blockin outfit. So, I used royal blue, plum and pink - I did pretty good, I think - the colour mix well. What is your opinion? 

"The wind really punished me on many of these pics - please excuse some"

Dress: Ackermans, Cardigan: Mr Price, Hat: Foschini, Shoes: Fashion Express, Stalkings: Asos, Necklaces: Edgars, Belt: Fashion World, Sunglasses (Ray Ban - Large Aviators): Sunglass Hut, Bag (Michael Kors): Myers, Watch: Guess 


Please check out how my friends from around the world have worn their COLOUR BLOCKING outfits and please give us all love by clicking here and follow all of us on bloglovin.
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Helen from England: Everyone Should Sparkle
Kate from Australia: SparklesandLace
Laura from Canada: LavishLaura
Thank you,
Thulie :) 


  1. I love this! Pink and blue look amazing together. I love your poses too. You rocked it!

    1. Thank you, Leah. I am happy you love it as well :)

  2. Colour REALLY suits you! My favourite is the hat. You look beautiful in it! You rock colour blocking!

    1. Thanks Helen, was really lucky to come across this hat - loved it the second I saw it as a result I bought a beige one as well. tnx

  3. Oh Thulie I think you did an amazing job, the colors look great together. Oh and that hat is amazing too, that is a great hat and I can totally understand when you buy something new and you just want to wear it, that happens to me all the time! :) Oh and your pictures came out so great, I need to learn how to pose like you! :)


    1. Thanks Nina! Lol, to learning how to pose like me. You should try though coz I had a lot of fun taking them :)

  4. Perfect!!! This is a perfect example of colour blocking at it's best! You look amazing!! That blue is so your colour!! Well done!! My fav outfit on you so far!! xxx

    1. Hehehehehe....thank you for bein kind girl - happy this is your best outfit on me so far, also love it :) tnx

  5. OMG, I had no idea I was this far behind on your blog! You absolutely nailed this colorblocking outfit! You truly look amazing. I love this!