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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

BGN WORKSHOP: Allover Flower Flared Romance Plus Size Dress Review

Hi, Guys!!!

Today's post is about a plus size dress REVIEW from BGN Workshop

When BGN Workshop approached me for a colab to review one of their clothing items I had never heard of them and this meant that I had to do a quick research on them to see what they offer and assess if ever what they do aligns with what I represent.

Boy, i was in for a great surprise!!! When I went into their site I instantly fell in love with everything they offer plus sized women especially the dresses. 

BGN Workshop is a clothing company that sells plus size clothing items. Their clothes represent different styles from fun and casual, office range, cocktail and evening pieces etc … you get everything you need in one place, their site ofcozJ. They cater for women who are size 14 – 22 and shipping for all purchased items is free worldwide: that’s a bonus right???

For me to get my dress took 2 days and that's amazing.

So, I love dresses (if you didn't know). When I was supposed to choose one item  I seriously go lost in a pool of amazing dressses that BGN workshop offers. Eventually I was stuck with two dresses to choose from (short and maxi).

There was also a skirt I loved, so I had 3 options and needed to choose one. A criteria had to be drawn up actually more like self interrogation as to why I needed that item badly.

With the dresses this is the assessment I did: 

1. Both are more like ALine shaped which makes the competition fair.
2. Style is different but both amazing

Deciding factor: was that I am short and wide at the hips _ due to that I usually get lost in maxi dresses/skirts. Also, everyone has been rocking the 70s bell sleeved clothing items and I had none in my closet. The short Flower Flared Romance Dress had to win.

The skirt: what skirt???? Lol, the skirt fell of too because its just a skirt☺. To be honest, I was just excited to get something 70s inspired and the dress had to be chosen.

This dress is an unlined fit and flare stretch jersey material. It is comfortable and an easy to wear dress. When I was choosing it I knew it would sit nicely around my hips _ I fully approve the fit: Yay!!! This is one of those dresses that you can buy in different colors because the fit and versatility.

 I wore the dress to work and I was getting compliments all day. Yaaaasssssss!!!! I am a sucker for compliments especially when I am feeling myself.

I swear this dress made me feel happy and I felt like dancing all day. I guess its the flare bottom skirt and the hype I had for the bell sleeves. I was very happy I finally had this stylish item.  

Outfit Deets

Dress: BGN Workshop
Shoes: Woolworths
Bag: Chanel
Sunnies: Prada 
Watch: Fossil
Earings: Phindile

This is Mandisa my colleague and photographer for my daily work outfits.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and are informed about what BGN Workshop offers. 

Talk to you soon. 



  1. I think this dress looks wonderful on you, and you styled it very well. Much love to you on this fine styling job.

  2. lovely, i love everything about your look.

  3. it's giving a nice silhouette but cut wrong in the belly button area

  4. you look great my darling. i always tell ppl who has a problems with our body that" who said when you fat you cant be fabulious and beautiful" SIYA ROCKER��. you look amazing

  5. Free shipping? What?!! Let me check em out real quick. Also yaya to me for finding anothe fellow plussize blogger. Theres so few of us outchea

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni