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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

BGN WORKSHOP: Allover Flower Flared Romance Plus Size Dress Review

Hi, Guys!!!

Today's post is about a plus size dress REVIEW from BGN Workshop

When BGN Workshop approached me for a colab to review one of their clothing items I had never heard of them and this meant that I had to do a quick research on them to see what they offer and assess if ever what they do aligns with what I represent.

Boy, i was in for a great surprise!!! When I went into their site I instantly fell in love with everything they offer plus sized women especially the dresses. 

BGN Workshop is a clothing company that sells plus size clothing items. Their clothes represent different styles from fun and casual, office range, cocktail and evening pieces etc … you get everything you need in one place, their site ofcozJ. They cater for women who are size 14 – 22 and shipping for all purchased items is free worldwide: that’s a bonus right???

For me to get my dress took 2 days and that's amazing.

So, I love dresses (if you didn't know). When I was supposed to choose one item  I seriously go lost in a pool of amazing dressses that BGN workshop offers. Eventually I was stuck with two dresses to choose from (short and maxi).

There was also a skirt I loved, so I had 3 options and needed to choose one. A criteria had to be drawn up actually more like self interrogation as to why I needed that item badly.

With the dresses this is the assessment I did: 

1. Both are more like ALine shaped which makes the competition fair.
2. Style is different but both amazing

Deciding factor: was that I am short and wide at the hips _ due to that I usually get lost in maxi dresses/skirts. Also, everyone has been rocking the 70s bell sleeved clothing items and I had none in my closet. The short Flower Flared Romance Dress had to win.

The skirt: what skirt???? Lol, the skirt fell of too because its just a skirt☺. To be honest, I was just excited to get something 70s inspired and the dress had to be chosen.

This dress is an unlined fit and flare stretch jersey material. It is comfortable and an easy to wear dress. When I was choosing it I knew it would sit nicely around my hips _ I fully approve the fit: Yay!!! This is one of those dresses that you can buy in different colors because the fit and versatility.

 I wore the dress to work and I was getting compliments all day. Yaaaasssssss!!!! I am a sucker for compliments especially when I am feeling myself.

I swear this dress made me feel happy and I felt like dancing all day. I guess its the flare bottom skirt and the hype I had for the bell sleeves. I was very happy I finally had this stylish item.  

Outfit Deets

Dress: BGN Workshop
Shoes: Woolworths
Bag: Chanel
Sunnies: Prada 
Watch: Fossil
Earings: Phindile

This is Mandisa my colleague and photographer for my daily work outfits.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and are informed about what BGN Workshop offers. 

Talk to you soon. 


Friday, 5 August 2016

Hello 2016!!!

Hi everyone...
It feels very weird to actually be writing this post as I have written so many in my mind since the last time I posted here. It has been very difficult to sit down and do an actual post due to many things (lack of a photographer but mostly lack of motivation) but I am very happy to be writing one tonight.
I really have missed doing this and have missed all of you and your strong support on what I do. Thank you so much for everything guys, mostly for allowing me to be me. All is deeply appreciated!!!
Quick Update: I have a photographer for daily outfits posts (my colleague - Mandisa Maforevane). She is a blessing in my life and she came at the right time. This is a major achievement for me and I celebrate everyday for this. You all know how much I have been struggling on this regard eversince my relocation to Johannesburg. All of that resulted in me not posting at all on this page. I know, I could have continued to post about beauty products I use or items I have copped (sneakers mostly) --- or even blog about my weightloss journey.
I don't know - I guess I was just demotivated. Last time I posted something here I felt like I was cheating you guys as I blogged about #AdidasSuperstarSneakers without full body pictures of me wearing them. I tried but became unhappy afterwards. Anyway, I am back now and I am intending to ensure that I give you all nice and juicy posts.
I have taken many pictures in the past month and I will try as much as I can to write blog posts about all those outfits - am sure you have seen most of them as I have been keeping myself busy on other social media mediums like Instagram, Facebook and twitter... I just feel a need to still write about them and be permanently available here.
I have many collaborations done and others coming up with designers, plus-size bloggers and plus-size clothing stores etc.... I cant wait to share info about all these projects with you but you will have to wait a lil bit :) sorry!
For tonight: ill share just one picture to remind you of how I look like, lol mostly its a reminder of how my style taste is like. I am not gonna talk about what I am wearing now as another post with enough supporting pictures of this outfit will be posted shortly. There is no particular reason why I chose this picture out of all pictures I have taken so far except that, it has captured perfectly what I am all about on the style front - "Vintage Inspired Style and me being a Sneaker-Head Queen".

Dress: Mr Price
Dress worn as a coat: Thrifted
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Puma
Glasses: MiuMiu
Hope you are ready for everything good I am bringing this year (what is left of it). If you have any specific interest that you would like me to come on my posts please give suggestions on the comment box of this post - ill try my best to ensure all get covered depending on feasibility of the request of-course.
Good Night .... Rather, Good Morning y'all :)
Love you lots,


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Adidas Superstar Review

Hi, all! 

Its a lazy Saturday morning, the weather is amazing. We are still in spring season in South Africa heading for summer.

Thought id try blogging using my cell phone (Apple iPhone) just to see how successful it can be to use it. I am using the Google blogger app and this seems to be an option if one is really busy and need to blog on the go at real time situations. 

This post is all about my recent purchase of Adidas Superstar sneakers. Oh, I love them - really who doesn't love these classic Adidas sneakers??? They are very comfortable and stylish: they go with all outfits you can think of. This is a brilliant design and the most recognisable as it is a vintage design. 

What you need to be careful of is sizing - they run big!!! I am UK size 5 and I wish I had bought size 4 or size 4 and a half. My pair is a little big but ill deal with that maybe by using extra padding - I don't know. They are still wearable though without all this effort. 

I bought my pair at Totalsports and they were R999.00 ($72,80 US dollars). I think thats a great price as they are made with leather and are vintage design that will spice up many outfits. Theres no way one cant get many wears from these classic sneakers. 

I am so inlove with adidas different superstars sold - i have about 5 pairs including this one and if money grew on trees id have more (lol). 

I cant wait to dress up and share a picture where they will be incoporated. 

Go get a pair friends, if you dont have them already - you are missing out on FABULOSITY, big time!!!!

Until next time, love you all - Thulie!!!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Asos Curve Dress

Hey guys!!!

Its been really a long time, hope you all good.
This time I am not going make any drastic promises - all ill say is I am back again because I love blogging. I am not being lucky getting a full time photographer and also my work schedule is insane. Whenever I am off duty - I always need time for myself.
In the meantime, I though it would be best not to stress about a photographer and doing photo-shoots - all ill do right now is just blog about anything I like (product reviews) OR anything happening in my life at that time (maybe my weight loss program that just got kick-started with Herbalife products this month -
 surely, a story for another day :)

I also have old pictures that I never posted but still love dearly - just like pics for todays blog post. I attended a wedding sometime ago and took lots of pictures but never wrote a post about these even though I posted some of these pictures on instagram.
Am sure you will fall in love again with me in these pictures (lol, you should and will) and the outfit I am wearing. The outfit is as bright as a spring morning - you will notice below. I wore a green Asos Curve Dress accessorised with South African beaded neckpiece and bangle & more.... Enjoy!!!

I still love hearing from you, so please leave behind a feedback note for me. Thanks....
This is me and my friend Avela who made me tag along for this wedding :)

Dress: Asos Curve
Bag: Chanel
Neckpiece & Bracelet: South African Flea Market
Heels: Zando
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
I hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures.
Really had a nice time on this day!!!
Ok, lets leave it here for now .... ill be back soon (review of Adidas superstar sneakers)
Love you all, Thulie!

Monday, 9 March 2015

CATW: An oldie but goodie...

Dear friends,
Thank you so much for the warm welcome back. It is always good to know that you are with me throughout this blogging journey. I really appreciate your  support.
My post will be brief today as I am in a rush for work reports. This week's theme is OLDIE BUT GOODIE.
I am a dress person and as a result I have few bottoms, be it skirts or shorts and I hardly were them. Always, my first instinct is to wear a dress. So, last Friday I decided to wear one of my very old orange vest from Woollies with a recently purchased skirt from Fashion Express. At some point back in the day I used to exercise wearing this vest but on this day it just made sense for me to dust it up and wear it to work.
Looking at these pictures - my attire is not bad at all instead fun, fly and on point especially for casual Fridays. What are your views?
 Skirt: Fashion Express
Vest: Woolworths
Vest (stripe): Thrifted
Hat: Mr Price
Sneakers: Shelf Life
Bag: Fossil
Earings: Truworths
Ring: Mr Price
Watch: Fossil


Please check my lovely friends from around the world how they have interpreted this weeks theme - OLDIE BUT GOODIE!!!
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NINA from California, USA -
JENNIFER from Germany –
STEPHANIE from Germany –
See You Soon :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Curves Around The World: About Me!!!

Dear friends!
It’s been a very long while since we last spoke. Things are looking bright, it is a brand new year...
Me and my mates from curves around the world (Kate, Aislynn, Nina, Olivia and Jen) decided to scout for new additional members for our group and we were lucky to get Elizabeth McGraw McGuffin of withwonderandwhimsy and Stephanie Pasche of dressitcurvy.
Since we have new members we decided to start afresh and introduce ourselves to you. That is the focus of this post today. It is meant to remind those who have been following us from a while back and allow new people who might come across this post and be potential followers moving forward to know who we really are and what we stand for.
I am Thulisa Lisa Mkhencele. I am 31years of age. I am black, beautiful and I am a Plus Sized lady. I am a health professional, an Epidemiologist for the National Institute of Communicable Disease in Johannesburg, South Africa.
I love myself very much. Also dressing up and being stylish even though I am a Plus Size lady gives me life and I strive for it. Yes being stylish is for everyone. Style is not usually associated with Plus Sized women but I am happy to say this day there is recognition given although it is minimal but it is there.
Before I stray,  let me also mention that I am an advocate for Healthy lifestyle. As much as I have said I am fat,  I do take good care of my health by eating healthy and exercise at least 3 – 4 times a week. I have been very lazy lately but I just have started a week ago again. Things are not easy, I must say. I will post some of the recipes and exercise videos/pictures of my workouts whenever I can – wait and see! There is more coming your way this year :)
If I may describe my style in few words I would say: Vintage Inspired, Androgynous and Eccentric. That is what you will get from my direction every time you visit my page or if you look at my previous outfit posts. I started blogging after being inspired by Chastity “GarnerStyle” and Lydia “StyleIsStyle”. I understood the importance of sharing personal positive life experiences because they both affected me and I needed to do the same for others.

Also, when I started plus size blogging in 2012 – I knew no one in South Africa who was a plus size blogger and who was sharing their life in social networks to inspire others and I needed to be the first one and I did make a mark regarding this: best decision ever!!!
I am just a simple lady, full of life and ready to make new friends – so, please stick around and give feedback as honest as you can – this will really assist in me writing about things that are of interest to both of us. Expect posts every Monday!!! Keep well.
Dress worn as a skirt: Truworths
T-Shirt: Donna Claire
Hat: Woolworths
Combat Boots: Aldo
Bag: Fossil
Watch: Fossil
Earings: MrPrice
Please check my lovely friends from around the world how they have interpreted this weeks theme - About Me!!!
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See You Soon :)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Curves Around the World: Straight Size Only

Afternoon, Friends!!!
Today's post is exciting - me and my gals from Curves Around the World group have decided to scout for items and looks created only for slim bodies. We need to recreate them with what exists in our closets. What we have can be from a straight size range or plus size as long as we capture the looks created for slim ladies.
So, our theme is STRAIGHT SIZE ONLY!!!
I saw a beautiful Skater Dress at Asos by Karen Millen. It reminded me of a dress I bought on sale at Fashion World last year. I never wore this dress let alone post pictures here on this page. So, this was a perfect way of dusting it up and celebrate its amazing animal print and fit. It is also from a straight size range and its a size 42/18.
I think I nailed this challenge as both outfits look most similar. I carried a sling bag instead of a clutch because I don't really like clutch bags. What do you think? I am a knockout, aren't I? LOL.....
Enjoy and please leave feedback for me :)
Enjoy your weekend!!!
"Photography by Ryan @depictzions on Instagram"
Dress: Fashion World
Bag: Fossil
Necklace: Lovisa, Edgars, Thrifted and a gift from a friend 
Shoes: Woolworths
Bracelet: Pep Stores
Watch: Guess
Earings: Gift from a friend
Decided to add a light vintage coat: love the mix... 
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Thank you so much for your continued support. I appreciate and still love you all a lot!!!
Photo Credits: "Photography by Ryan @depictzions on Instagram"
Thulie :)